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10 steps to become an AgenaTrader expert – part 4

On April 30th, the forth part of the biweekly education series “AgenaTrader – 10 steps to become an AgenaTrader expert” will take place. This time you will learn everything about “MultiAccount settings and ChartTrading”.

In this webinar you will learn about the possibilities, the AgenaTrader offers you in terms of MultiAccount settings and what to pay special attention to in those account settings. You will also get a detailed overview of ChartTrading and the ChartTrading tools in the AgenaTrader. This webinar series addresses new users and interested parties as well as existing user who want to brush up and deepen their skills in successfully using the AgenaTrader. All webinars will be hosted by AgenaTrader education partner Udo Müller, they will take place in German.

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These webinars will take place in German.

Webinar recording:

How to build the ideal trading signal

Learn in the latest webinar recording of How do I build my optimal trading signal how to work with Pivot Points in the ConditionEscort.

Here you can find the recording (only available in German) …

Webinar recording:

Highly efficient Dow Theory Screening

The “Ruhnau Turning Points” AddOn is a highly complex and efficient screener for statistically optimized performance trades with stocks and options. In this webinar recording you can learn what it is all about.

Here you can find the recording (only available in German) …

Tip of the week: ChartContainer and ActionBar

Did you know that AgenaTrader is providing you detailed webinars that will teach you step by step how to use the AgenaTrader in a timesaving and savvy way?

Today you can learn everything about the ChartContainer in the AgenaTrader and how to customize your workspace. In addition, you will get to know the ActionBar and its functionalities.

Here you can find the webinar recording (only available in German)

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