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AgenaTrader / CapTrader webinar special

Trading with the Born-Bar

On October 17th, AgenaTrader and broker partner CapTrader are inviting you to another webinar of their special event series:

Trading with the BORN-Bar

The webinar will be held by AgenaTrader partner, TradingCoach Rüdiger Born. Rüdiger explains, “The Elliott waves as well as the blue BORN-Bar stand for trading according to the BORN style. In the past, they represented simplicity and success in trading. In this way, the public trade of the day fetched an average annual performance of more than 40% with only one trading setup per day. Needless to say that there are numerous interesting setups every day!”

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This webinar will take place in German.

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3 professionals – 3 days: SwingTrading intensive training

Learning from and with the best: from November 11th to December 2nd, you have the chance to learn everything about SwingTrading in a three-day workshop held by our AgenaTrader partners, TradingCoaches Carsten Berger, Mike Seidl and Martin Goersch.

Bit by bit, this bipartite swing trader intensive training will give you an understanding of the necessary basics you need for successfully trading the financial markets. Especially part-time traders will benefit from a time-optimized approach. Carsten Berger explains, “Through this you can build and expand your portfolio with an optimal time- and risk budget and therefore generate your income partially or completely as a trader in the long run. However, as you do not make profits in the financial markets with expertise only, three experienced traders will support you after the end of the seminar. This means that you can learn extremely efficiently in less time and can focus on your goals!”

Here you can find additional information and important details about the workshop as well as the registration.

This seminar will take place in German.

Testimonial of a Pro-Trader:

Carsten Umland on AgenaTrader

There are at least as many different reasons to choose the AgenaTrader as there are features in this platform. While one user might appreciate the AddOns, the other might like the possibility to customize particular functionalities.

This week you can learn, why for Pro-Trader, TraderCoach and long-standing AgenaTrader partner Carsten Umland the AgenaTrader is an absolute novelty in the market and why it gives you the greatest possible freedom.

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Tip of the week: The AgenaTrader Affiliate Program

Did you know that with the AgenaTrader you can earn money not just with trading?

With the AgenaTrader Affiliate Program you can earn up to 15% commission for mediation of the software. The Customer2Customer program allows you as a trader to be rewarded in return for a concluded purchase or rental transaction for introducing the AgenaTrader product range to your network of traders. For business customers with a website that focuses on the topic of trading, we offer the option to be a Business2Customer affiliate, who can even run their own AgenaTrader micro store on their website.

Find below the requirements for participating in an Affiliate Program:

  • Of legal age / legal capacity (B2C / C2C)
  • Websites or social media groups that deal with the topic of trading / the stock exchange (C2C)
  • Entrepreneurship with company number and VAT ID (C2C)

Here you can find additional information as well as the registration for the AgenaTrader Affiliate Program or simply write an email to

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