AgenaTrader Customer satisfaction survey 2016

At the beginning of last month, we carried out a customer satisfaction survey, because we thought it was time to evaluate what the mood is like here in Europe before we get started with our structured introduction in the USA.
Just to start off with: almost 400 users took part, for which I would like to express my deepest gratitude that so many users took the time to let us know their opinion.
To be perfectly honest, I have to say that I am very excited by the extremely positive results, from which I would like to emphasize a few highlights:

  • 88% of our users use the AgenaTrader Andromeda live version.

From this we can interpret that this is quite simply the version that the market needs, and that the features contained within it truly help the traders out.

  • 85% of our users use AgenaTrader at least once a day or more.

What we have discovered from this is that we have very active users who implement the software massively for their daily trading.

  • 88% agree with the statement that for them, AgenaTrader is the best software they have seen on the market so far.
  • 35% say that if AgenaTrader did not exist, they would not want to use any other software. This number can also be interpreted to show that without AgenaTrader, the majority of these users would no longer even be in the market.
  • Over 85% are satisfied to very satisfied with the performance of AgenaTrader.

The following number shows us that our training efforts are actually being recognized and regularly made use of. We have a lot planned for the future in this area.

The entire service and support section has received grades of up to 4.21 of a possible 5. All that remains for me here is to thank my support team, which puts in a great deal of effort to satisfy our customers.

We know support departments that can only wish for such numbers.

But many thanks also to our users that you have honored our efforts in this way – this motivates us.

The following graphs confirm the numbers mentioned previously, but also make it clear that our support team recognise reported issues immediately, know how to interpret these and have the right answer ready right away.

Furthermore, users are very satisfied that when it comes to multiple contacts, they are constantly kept up-to-date.

What is also considerable: 62% of the inquiries were solved upon the first contact.

Up to 88% are inclined to recommend the software to other traders.

What more can one wish for – all that remains to say here is: many, many thanks for your trust!!

At this point, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the extremely positive and very valuable feedback. For us it is a sign that we are on the right path, but not a reason to rest on the good results.

For some questions – even if it was a very small amount (in the 2-4% range) we received negative feedback. We take these numbers very seriously too, in order to continue improving our service and product offer.

One of our next service agendas will be to start a “users help users” program, in which dedicated users are offered the opportunity to work together with us in the service area.

Best regards
Gilbert Kreuzthaler (CEO)

AgenaTrader winners of the Collectors Edition Box

  • Marco B
  • Frank A
  • Thorsten D
  • Daniel S
  • Michael S
  • Udo M
  • Bernd N
  • Rene H
  • Sebastian R
  • Erich Sch

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