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Last call

AgenaTrader Mercury/Andromeda – Q&A webinar with CapTrader

Today, on August 29th, another Q&A event of the AgenaTrader Mercury/Andromeda webinar series will take place. In this webinar you are invited to ask questions about the AgenaTrader Mercury and Andromeda, they will be answered live and with practical examples.

Mercury is a free single broker version of AgenaTrader you get when opening a real account with our Mercury partner Captrader. This version is a sleek AgenaTrader version, designed exclusively for discretionary trading and allowing AgenaScript-C# indicators and strategy programming.

Andromeda is coming up with numerous groundbraking features, supporting your high professional trading: Drag&Drop signal building, Click&Select strategy programming or the integrated Risk&Money Management are just a few of the features that make the Andromeda a popular and reliable classic among the AgenaTrader products.

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This webinar will take place in German.

Multi-part online workshop

Starting the pearl diver strategy with the index analysis

Starting from September 4th, AgenaTrader partner, TradingCoach Carsten Berger is inviting you to a multi-part workshop about “Starting the pearl diver strategy with the index analysis”.

In this CapTrader event series, Carsten will show you, how to analyze the situation in the financial markets with a simple method. He will first explain the structure of his approach and afterwards the analysis of both the German and the US market. Pearl diving in DAX, DOW, S&P500 or Nasdaq 100 with Bollinger Band and Volume analysis are way of screening stocks, refined by Carsten Berger. Carsten explains, “For this, I am using industries/sectors ETFs, to recognize strong or weak markets early and find top-performing stocks, the so-called pearls.

Additionally, there is a bonus waiting for CapTrader- and AgenaTrader customers. Here you can learn more …

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This workshop will take place in German.

Back after the summer break:

Mike Seidl´s traders-lunch

It´s been a hot summer and fall is going to be hot as well! Starting from September 3rd, our AgenaTrader partner, TradingCoach Mike Seidl, will provide weekly insights into his US market preparation in his “Wall Street Traders Lunch”.

Mike explains, “The markets are under massive selling pressure, there is a high volatility and the US trade dispute is causing a stir. In this to and fro it is essential to keep a clear head and have a fitting strategy.”

Trace the US market and his movements together with Mike Seidl and benefit from his insights.

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These webinars will take place in German.

Testimonial of a Pro-Trader:

Carsten Berger on AgenaTrader

There are at least as may different reasons to choose the AgenaTrader as there are features in this platform. While one user might like the intuitive and user-friendly interface, another one might take pleasure in the possibilities of specific tools.

But what induces a professional trader to put his trust in this software and choose it as his trading tool? Read what brought Pro-Trader, TraderCoach and long-standing AgenaTrader partner to opt for the AgenaTrader years ago and why he is a loyal and keen user ever since.

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Tip of the week: Indicator alerts

Did you know that in the AgenaTrader you have alerts available that will notify you, as soon as a particular indicator has crossed the defined price level.

To create an indicator alert, open the context menu by right-clicking into the chart and then choose “Add Indicator Alert”. Specific settings can be edited by clicking on the respective icon on the price alert line: make the desired modifications in the now open context menu und confirm with “OK”.

Alternatively, you can open the respective tab via “Tools -> Alerts -> Indicator Alerts” in the main toolbar. By right clicking into the tab you can now edit specific settings – simply choose “Edit Alert”. Then make the desired modifications in the now open context menu und confirm with “OK”. In addition, you can program individual features for alerts with the Alert handler.

Watch this webinar (in German language) about alerts or find detailed instructions and additional information here in our Online Help.

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