AgenaTrader V1.9: new hot keys available – timeframes

AgenaTrader V1.9: new hot keys available – timeframes

We have recently implemented a small but powerful feature for you in AgenaTrader: you can now very simply assign your most-used timeframes a key combination and save these as a hot key. A keystroke is enough, for example, to elegantly switch from the minute chart to the daily chart.

To access the hot key settings, open the Configuration Escort -> HotKeys and select the category “TimeFrames”.

In the list of the timeframes, all timeframes that you have configured for your ActionBar are now shown.
To add additional timeframes to this list, select ConfigurationEscort -> ActionBar -> TimeFrames and adjust the list according to your wishes.

Hot key settings

To assign a key combination, follow the procedure described below:

  • Click in the row of the desired timeframe and then press the desired key combination for this timeframe.
  • The combination you pressed now appears in the field in the bottom left (in the screenshot, NumPad1 was pressed).
  • Now click on this button in order to assign the selected combination as a hot key.
  • The key combination now appears in the timeframe list in the respective row of the timeframe.
  • Click on “Apply” to save your entries and close the ConfigurationEscort with a click on “OK”.

As you can see, you can even allocate hot keys to the non-time-based charts.


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