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The trading software AgenaTrader Andromeda supports all AgenaTrader Neptune features and contains all extended features for semi / fully automated trading, as well as our famous ++ (PlusPlus) functions.

AgenaTrader++ (PlusPlus) represents the advanced version of the trading software AgenaTrader. In the Andromeda version, you will find numerous innovative features for professional trading.

These include the semi-automatic setup and trade management components, integrated risk and money management with automated order size determination, the signal scanner and a wide range of functions that support every trader in becoming and remaining successful.

Trading Software AgenaTrader
Trading Signale erstellen

Signal Builder

With the Signal Builder (ConditionEscort), you can very simply create your signals using Drag&Drop, without the need for any programming knowledge.

With the right idea, there are almost no limits to your imagination. You have practically all the possibilities of real programming, but do not have to know any programming language.

Trading Strategie erstellen

Strategy Builder

The Strategy Builder (SetupEscort) helps you to equip the signals you have created with stop/trailing or TakeProfit functions.

Based on your setups or your ideas, AgenaTrader’s semi-automatism then takes charge of the management of your trades.

Börsenhandel Moneymanagement

Risk Management

Risk and money management ensures that you have a firm grip on your trading risk for each and every trade.

The position size is automatically calculated, and simultaneously to this, your risk are continuously taken into account.

Trading Strategie Backtesting


Our Backtesting Tool was developed in collaboration with the renowned University of Aachen.

This tool helps you to validate your signals. A comprehensive evaluation visualizes how successful your idea was.

Börsenhandel Signalscanner

Advanced Scanner

The Advanced Scanner makes it possible for you to scan hundreds of values in real time.

If one of your signals occurs, the relevant symbol is marked. With a click on the signal, the corresponding strategy is placed in the chart with active risk management.

Technische Analyse und Charting Software

Advanced Charting

The ListChartGroups and the TabChartGroups will help you to completely focus on the market.

A ListChartGroup is a chart container that includes a real-time scanner and a charting area. Within these charting areas, you can select 1-4 charts with different timeframes that are connected to the scanner list.

A TabChartGroup is a chart container that opens charts in different timeframes for hundreds of instruments at the same time, in order to visually analyse a large variety of symbols within a very short time, enabling you, for example, to efficiently form long and short lists from these symbols.

Aktien und Finanznachrichten im AgenaTrader

News Feedreader

With the integrated feed reader, you have the possibility to conveniently receive aggregated news in near-time from out of the platform.

The feed reader enables you to react to important events such as analyst opinions / profit warnings or game changers. Our news aggregator keeps you up-to-date on the latest market events.

You receive near-time news on almost all values traded in official stock exchanges.

Trading Tagebuch im AgenaTrader

Trading Diary

Our top priority is to help you trade with more success and stability.

We want to achieve this by providing a structured approach for setting up your trades, determining the position size and the risk and money management, in combination with a simple, user-friendly trading diary.

The diary makes it easy for you to check trades that have been executed and use them to learn how you can improve your trading skills each day.

The trading diary has a logical structure and offers you the most important figures for evaluation.

Die besten Aktien finden mit dem Aktienscanner

End of Day Market Scanner

Use our integrated stock End-of-Day Market Screener to discover potential opportunities in the market.

With the help of user-defined selection criteria and a large number of data components, you can screen over 7000 US stocks according to your wishes. All settings can be saved in convenient templates in order to use them again if needed.

A broad selection of fundamental data rounds out our EOD scanner

Functions Matrix…
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  • Access to all AgenaTrader Andromeda functions without restriction
  • Access to our education portal
  • Access to all webinars and events
  • Access to the Dow Theory Standard Add-On

Our data feed providers also offer a free demo – take a look and see the top-quality data for yourself

TeleTrader / Lenz&PartnerIQFeed / Barchart

For our End-of-Day traders, the free Lenz&Partner/TaiPan or the BarChart datafeed is preset for the trial period. You can get started immediately with this.
You can also independently set up your own simulation account in AgenaTrader.

Martin Rimes
Martin RimesProfessional trader
[..]The most important aspect of trading, after knowledge, is strategy and execution. AgenaTrader is the obvious partner providing the individual trader with a professional grade platform for strategy implementation and trade execution complete with built-in money management allocation[..]
Rüdiger Born
Rüdiger BornAsset Manager
[..]On the one hand, this saves you time, and on the other, it enables you to select the best signals from a variety of possibilities, which has a positive effect on performance and obviously also on your attitude to trading.[..]
Saul Shaoul
Saul ShaoulCME PIT Trader
[..]From a professional point of view, the AgenaTrader software is characterized by its opportunities to operate efficiently. There are many ways to work through the markets extremely quickly in order to detect your preferred trading situations or setups.[..]
Steve Nison
Steve NisonProfessional trader
[..]AgenaTrader is a highly-sophisticated trading environment that allows trading of Forex, Futures, Stocks and CFDs with different brokers – at the same time – out of one platform.[..]