AgenaTrader Andromeda – key features

AgenaTrader Andromeda supports all features of AgenaTrader Basic and comes with all extended features for semi- / fully automated trading, as well as our famous ++ (PlusPlus) functions.

AgenaTrader++ (plusplus) represents the more advanced versions of AgenaTrader with innovative features for professional trading.

This includes semi-automatic setup and trade management components, integrated risk and money management with automatic order sizing, the signal scanner and a wide range of functions required by traders to become and remain successful.

To understand the advantages of AgenaTrader++, we recommend that you take a look at the videos to your left-hand side.

The Condition Escort allows you to create complex scans for trading signals with just a click.
This tool enables you to combine several different conditions with each other without any previous programming experience.

  • Advanced mode: is available when using the AgenaTrader++ (Andromeda version) platform. Allows more complex combinations such as “AND/OR/XOR” as well as the creation of expressions in brackets. The complexity is comparable to real programming but much more understandable, allowing you to create conditions with just a few clicks.
  • Compare many different indicators with each other or with static values!
  • Mix variable time frames per condition!
  • Programming skills are not required!

AgenaTrader has developed an extremely innovative scanner (Analyzer Escort) that allows you to scan hundreds of instruments in real time.
Once signals that have occurred meet the requirements of predefined parameters within the Setup Escort, the Analyzer Escort will display them in the corresponding column.

In addition to the scanner, we also have integrated risk & money management, which helps you keep your risk management under control.

AgenaTrader supports semi- as well as fully automated trade management.
What is the difference between semi-automated and fully automated trade management?

Fully-automated trade management is based on the following principles:

  • the system suggests a setup;
  • the system places this on the market;
  • the system manages the trade.

Semi-automated trade management is based on the following principles:

  • the system suggests a setup;
  • the trader decides whether to accept these suggestions or not;
  • the system manages the trade.

To fulfill these tasks and to make your life easier, we have created the SetupEscort for you. Although you control the most important stages, the management of the trade can be left to AgenaTrader.

This video shows you how easy it is to create a custom indicator or a signal.
Afterwards we are going to combine this signal with a semi automated strategy to demonstrate you the full power of AgenaTrader++


AgenaTrader Andromeda – additional features

All instruments & mappings at hand

You no longer have to search for specific instruments or mappings. AgenaTrader has an enormous database and predefined mappings for all instrument types for various data vendors and brokers. This feature will save you a huge amount of your valuable time. We have it all – Futures / Forex / Stocks / CFDs.

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ListChart / TabChart Groups

The LCGs and TCGs will help you to keep an eye on the markets. A list chart group is a chart container that includes a real-time scanner and a charting area. Within this charting area you can select 1-4 charts with different time frames linked to the scanner list. A Tab Chart Group is a chart container that simultaneously opens multiple charts for various instruments and shows the symbols for instruments in the bottom tab bar. This feature enables you to efficiently build short lists or to track signals from 1000s of symbols – you no longer need to subscribe to external signal services.

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Advanced backtesting

The backtesting has been implemented as a key feature for analyzing the performance of a strategy on a historical basis. It is possible to backtest a strategy for a single instrument (security) or instrument list (portfolio). We developed our backtesting tool together with the world-famous University of Aachen.

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Martin Rimes
Martin RimesProfessional trader
[..]The most important aspect of trading, after knowledge, is strategy and execution. AgenaTrader is the obvious partner providing the individual trader with a professional grade platform for strategy implementation and trade execution complete with built-in money management allocation[..]
Saul Shaoul
Saul ShaoulCME pit trader
[..]From a professional point of view, the AgenaTrader software is characterized by its opportunities to operate efficiently. There are many ways to work through the markets extremely quickly in order to detect your preferred trading situations or setups.[..]
Rüdiger Born
Rüdiger BornAsset manager
[..]On the one hand, this saves you time, and on the other, it enables you to select the best signals from a variety of possibilities, which has a positive effect on performance and obviously also on your attitude to trading.[..]
Marus Gabel
Marus GabelAsset Manager
[..]From the rapid screening of the markets according to my preferred setup, to the practical administration of current trades. AgenaTrader allows you to concentrate on what is really essential in trading[..]