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AgenaTick data packages

Finding the right data and markets for one´s trading is always a challenge and can be a science of its own for those traders who are not quite familiar with the different options in the markets or who get data for the CFD- and Forex-universe “out of the box” from their respective broker but want to switch to the “real” stock trading business.

Unfortunately, the world of stocks, options and futures is a bit more complicated. That’s why together with our long-standing data feed vendor Lenz&Partner we put together AgenaTick data feed packages. Not only do they aim directly at the most widely used stock market combinations, but they are also very well-priced specifically for our customers and mainly cover the stock market segment at the moment.

You can subscribe for the AgenaTick data packages here in our shop.

Very cost-effective data for futures and options will follow in the near future!

For more detailed information on this please contact

Webinar special:

How to build the ideal trading signal

On February 19, AgenaTrader and broker partner CapTrader are inviting you to another event of their very popular webinar series “How to build the ideal trading signal”.

In this monthly webinar series, you can send us your trading ideas and we will try to build them live with the ConditionEscort of the AgenaTrader. In the course of a voting during every event we will find one condition that will be built in the webinar. Be there and find out how easy it is to create your own signals and develop your own trading approach.

Just send your condition ideas in advance to or with the subject “AgenaTrader/CapTrader webinar – my ideal trading signal”.

Here you can register …

This webinar will take place in German!

ATT Trading

Live Trading Session with the team

On February 20, our partners of ATT Trading again invite you their live trading session with the ATT team.

With their own accounts and in live sessions the team will show, how you can protect your assets und detect serious mistakes timely. You will learn, how to apply profitable strategy setups that do not overstrain your time and how to build mental strength, which can make the difference between success and failure.

ATT-CEO Ali Taghikhan says, „Finding a successful trading strategy is often very time-consuming and arduous, as many are taking the path via trial-and-error or try to learn by teaching themselves. We think that there is a more efficient way to learn how to trade. Our live trading webinars will help you find it.“

Here you can register …

This webinar will take place in German.

Webinar recordings of the week

Get to know all new functionalities for options trading in the AgenaTrader in the webinar Options in the AgenaTrader – The step into the professional league.

Here you can find the recording (only available in German)

Learn everything about the Ruhnau Turning Points AddOn in the same-named webinar and get to know the possibilities, this highly complex and efficient screener can offer.

Here you can find the recording (only available in German)

Feature of the week:

ConditionEscort – “Series & Output” for all indicators available

From version and higher you have numerous updates, improvements and new features available, which will make trading with the AgenaTrader even easier and more effective!

Amongst other things, from now on you have the option to select “Series & Output” not just for some, but for all indicators in the ConditionEscort.

Find detailed information and instructions here in our Online Help as well as  in this webinar (webinar only available in German).

Tip of the week: Everything about AT++ and the AT++ manager

Did you know that AgenaTrader is providing you detailed webinars and tutorials that can help you to become an AgenaTrader application specialist?

Today you will learn about the possibilities the AT++ Manager offers and how the numerous AT++ functionalities can support your semi-automated trading. AgenaTrader CEO Gilbert Kreuzthaler will show you the settings you have available in the AT++ Manager that allow you to make your trading more efficient and structured. In addition, he will present the groundbreaking AT++ tools and explain how to use them effectively.

Here you can find the webinar recording (only available in German)

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