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ATT Trading

Live Trading Session with the team

Today, on September 19th, our partner from ATT Trading are again inviting you to a Live Trading Session with the ATT team.

With their own accounts and in live sessions the team will show, how you can protect your assets und detect serious mistakes timely. You will learn, how to apply profitable strategy setups that do not overstrain your time and how to build mental strength, which can make the difference between success and failure.

ATT-CEO Ali Taghikhan says, „Finding a successful trading strategy is often very time-consuming and arduous, as many are taking the path via trial-and-error or try to learn by teaching themselves. We think that there is a more efficient way to learn how to trade. Our live trading webinars will help you find it.“

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This webinar will take place in German.

FXFlat /

Webinar series and special offer

It´s all about Dow Theory in this four-part webinar series, hosted by our broker partner FXFlat and held by Oliver Najjar of

September 26th

Trend spotting with the MT ON LIVE SIGNAL PRO ADDON

October 24th

MorningMeeting: market preparation and screening of the markets with the MT ON LIVE SIGNAL PRO ADDON

November 21st

Technical blurring in Dow Theory with the MT ON LIVE SIGNAL PRO ADDON

December 12th

MorningMeeting for intraday trading with the MT ON LIVE SIGNAL PRO ADDON

Oliver Najjar´s MT ON LIVE SIGNAL PRO ADDON enables you to view and trade the financial markets from the perspective of a professional Dow Theory trader. Oliver explains, “Let the AddOn support you in your trading and use the possibilities to structure your trading style and your working style. High-performance trend detection, fully automated stop moving, identification of “low risk strategies” or filtering according to market signals form the core of this professional trend detection software.”

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Tip: FXFlat and Oliver Najjar of have a special offer for all friends of the Dow Theory. Here you can get a 20% discount for the MT ON LIVE SIGNAL PRO ADDON.

These webinars will take place in German.

Hit the Mark

Trend and Momentum Trading Ideas

Again late for a trend? Again missed the momentum? Need a wake-up call? Then Martin Rimes is the one for you!

With more than 25 years of experience, Martin Rimes has spoken at trading conventions, provided numerous free webinars on trading, moderated a free internet trading chat room, and provided professional peer book review. An ardent mentor of simplified trading concepts, Martin provides “hands-on” assistance learning and trader instinct development.

With his daily Rooster Calls, Martin takes care that you don´t miss important trends in the future and provides valuable information trading ideas for both day traders and swing traders. The Rooster Call is sent to subscribers of this service exclusively.

Follow Martin here on and sign up for his 30-Days Free Rooster Call.

You want to learn more about Martin Rimes and his services? Here you can find his offers …

 Testimonial of a Pro-Trader:

Markus Gabel on AgenaTrader

There are at least as many different reasons to choose the AgenaTrader as there are features in this platform. While one user might like the variety of setups, that are possible, while the other might appreciate the possibilities, the risk- and money management offers.

This week you can learn, which functionalities are important for Pro-Trader, TraderCoach and long-standing AgenaTrader partner Markus Gabel and how he is utilizing the platform to find profitable entry signals.

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Tip of the week: AgenaTrader Setup Service

Did you know that you can book a Setup-Service for the AgenaTrader, where the platform is set up according to your needs and wishes? The AgenaTrader is an intuitive and quite easy to handle platform, yet not everybody has the time, the experience or the patience to set up the software themselves.

That´s where the AgenaTrader Setup Service comes into play. Via a remote software, one of our experts will connect directly to your computer to setup the platform according to your needs and explain the functionalities. Included in this up to 1.5 hours lasting service are all AgenaTrader features except for the ConditionEscort and the development of individual conditions.

By the way – when we say experts, we mean experts: We could win nobody less than Carsten Berger from and Dejan Murselovic from ThinkAndTrade for our setup service! In any case, you will be looked after by an “old hand” who knows the AgenaTrader inside out!

After booking the service, we will assign one of the both to you depending upon free capacity. Carsten or Dejan will then contact you to schedule an appointment. During this email conversation you can deposit questions and specific wishes regarding the features and desired settings. In that way, our expert can deliberately plan the Setup Service and therefore work more effectively – and you get more bang for your buck!

Here you can book the AgenaTrader Setup Service …

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