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AgenaTrader Neptune contains all functionality which you can find in Mercury – and something more. This is our Multi-Brokerage Version to be able to diversify your accounts to all the brokers you can find in our broker list.

In addition AgenaTrader-Neptune offers some more valuable functionalities comparing to Mercury.

Trading Software AgenaTrader Basic
MultiTimeFrame Trading Software

Full Mercury functionality

Contains all functionality which you can find in Mercury:

  • AgenaScript (C#) incl. MS-Visual Studio Integration
  • Extremely powerful real-time scanner for more than 1000 symbols
  • Drag & Drop – OCO / ORO / IF-DONE connections
  • Very unique Multi-Time frame Charting
  • Very comfortable Workspace Management
  • Price alerts
  • and much more.


Multi-brokerage/multi-data feed/multi-asset trading:

Connect all your accounts of different brokers with AgenaTrader.

ChartTrading Platform AgenaTrader

Financial Calendar

The new Financial Calendar in AgenaTrader provides you with an overview of the most important economic data during the trading day.

Thanks to the calendar, you can enter time alerts for the most important dates in the trading platform and also have markings displayed in the charts so as to never overlook another important date again.

Economic, fundamental (earnings), holiday and dividend dates are available.

Record-Replay Escort

The Record/Replay Escort is able to record market data from a currently ongoing operation and replay later when necessary.
If a broker or data feed offers the possibility of downloading the tick data (usually only for one trading day), then this can also be accomplished by the record manager.

AgenaTrader DOM


The WEB tab provides access to Internet websites without needing to open a browser.

The Notes tab saves your notes for each trading day and sorts them automatically by date of creation.



Price alert: The price alert is triggered when a current price has broken through the specified user price level.

Time alert: Time alert is a one-time or iterative reminder about specific important dates such as: Futures expirations, market events, personal events.

Indicator alerts: This functionality allows you to set an alert that will inform you when a particular indicator has crossed the defined price level.

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Trading Software - kostenlose Demo


  • Access to all AgenaTrader Andromeda functions without restriction
  • Access to our education portal
  • Access to all webinars and events
  • Access to the Dow Theory Standard Add-On

Our data feed providers also offer a free demo – take a look and see the top-quality data for yourself

TeleTrader / Lenz&PartnerIQFeed / Barchart

For our End-of-Day traders, the free Google data feed is already preset. You can get started immediately with this.
You can also independently set up your own simulation account in AgenaTrader.

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Carsten Umland
Carsten UmlandProfessional trader
[..]It is not easy to find good trading software and brokers. In this context, personal requirements play a significant role whilst learning to trade. Since the AgenaTrader software is able to adapt itself to your trading style, it gives you the greatest possible freedom.[..]
Mike Seidl
Mike SeidlProfessional trader
[..]All in all, AgenaTrader is precisely the solution that I need for my work as an exchange trader, no matter which timeframe I am active in. I use it daily with great enthusiasm.[..]
Martin Görsch
Martin GörschProfessional trader
[..]With features like trading directly from the chart or the DOM, integrated stock screeners and realtime market scanners, AgenaTrader aims not only to save valuable time for traders but also help traders to improve their trading results.[..]
Markus Gabel
Markus GabelAsset Manager
[..]From the rapid screening of the markets according to my preferred setup, to the practical administration of current trades. AgenaTrader allows you to concentrate on what is really essential in trading[..]