AgenaTrader Basic – key features

AgenaTrader BASIC (64bit / multicore processing) supports traders who are interested in discretionary trading. It comes with a huge set of features including our mighty AgenaScript, which will provide you with endless possibilities.

AgenaScript is a programming language integrated into the trading platform AgenaTrader. The syntax of AgenaScript is derived from the programming language C#.

Using AgenaScript enables you to implement all strategies, even if they are too complex for the Condition Escort. The spectrum extends from the programming of simple indicators to self-designed applications in which AgenaTrader plays only a supporting role.
Practically all approaches that are also applicable in DotNet can be used: complex indicators, signal display, Excel export, evaluation, chart representation, sound, colors and many others.

AgenaTrader Basic has been developed in such a way that you can choose how much control you want to have over how your indicators, conditions and strategies work. You have the opportunity to create or adapt your own highly individual indicators, conditions and strategies that are completely unique to you.

If you are adept at programming and want to take it one step further, you have the possibility to program your own indicators, conditions, strategies and alert handlers.

On top of this, the Indicator import option makes it possible to import indicators and strategies from 3rd party systems directly into AT itself. And for those with profound programming knowledge, we have the AT software development kit.

If you are NOT a coder we recommend our AgenaTrader ANDROMEDA for you. With this version, you can create your strategies using drag & drop.

With the multi-timeframe view you only need to load one symbol or instrument list (e.g. AAPL or Nasdaq100) and you will automatically receive up to four charts in different timeframes. The timeframes can easily be changed to any time you want to see.

This also includes non-time-based charts (e.g. Renko, Kagi…) as well as a combination of time-based and non-time-based charts.

The container style settings let you arrange the charts in various ways.


AgenaTrader scanning for signals
The scanner is part of the List Chart Group chart container and can display self-programmed conditions in multiple timeframes. It can also scan for conditions that were created in the Condition Escort.

This makes the loading and scanning of an instrument list such as the Nasdaq100 very easy.

Signals that are found are displayed in green for long entries and red for short entries. You can then manually enter a discretionary trade.

Import of all your favourite instruments with just a few clicks

Mappings and instrument data are needed for the communication between the trading software and the broker or data feed vendor. Instead of manually adding this information to a form, AgenaTrader has thousands of pre-mapped markets that you can easily import with just a few mouse clicks. S&P 500, Russel 2000, Dax 30… markets are available in a few seconds and make it possible for you to analyze or trade them.

What are instruments?

  • Market symbol
  • Exchange
  • ISIN
  • Tick size
  • Point value
  • Currency
  • Mapped symbol
  • More

All of this information together defines an instrument.

AgenaTrader Basic – additional features

Advanced DOM

The depth of the market, or DOM for short, allows you a glimpse into the order books of the markets.It displays the number of orders and order prices that are placed on the market separated into the long and short trading directions. In addition, it contains a times & sales list. With just a click of the mouse on the buy or sell column and the specific price, orders are placed into the market. You can create stop, stop limit, limit or market orders.

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Chart Trading OCO/ ORO

Creating a simple trading strategy with an entry order, stop order and target orders could not be easier. By right-clicking in the chart you can place a market, stop, stop limit or limit order at your selected price level. With a few clicks these orders can be combined or linked to each other.

An OCO connection means “one cancels other”, and is used if you create a stop loss order and a target order. When these two are connected by OCO, the opposite order is deleted if one of these two orders is triggered.

An ORO connections means “one reduces other”, and is used if you have more than one target. All target orders are connected with a stop loss by ORO. Each partial fill of a target order reduces the order size of the stop loss order.

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Chart Groups

A chart group is a market symbol such as AAPL divided in up to four different timeframes. For example, you can view the AAPL market in the 5-minute, 15-minute, 1 hour and 1 day timeframes simultaneously.

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Action Bar

Every trader has his or her own way of trading and using trading tools. Add your indicators, timeframes, orders, drawing objects and more to your individually configurable Action Bar. What’s more, it allows you to open the trading pad, Quick Trader and the DOM.

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Martin Rimes
Martin RimesProfessional trader
[..]The most important aspect of trading, after knowledge, is strategy and execution. AgenaTrader is the obvious partner providing the individual trader with a professional grade platform for strategy implementation and trade execution complete with built-in money management allocation[..]
Saul Shaoul
Saul ShaoulCME pit trader
[..]From a professional point of view, the AgenaTrader software is characterized by its opportunities to operate efficiently. There are many ways to work through the markets extremely quickly in order to detect your preferred trading situations or setups.[..]
Rüdiger Born
Rüdiger BornAsset manager
[..]On the one hand, this saves you time, and on the other, it enables you to select the best signals from a variety of possibilities, which has a positive effect on performance and obviously also on your attitude to trading.[..]
Oliver Najjar
Oliver NajjarProfessional trader
[..]For professionals, AgenaTrader is an indispensable tool that provides many possibilities for organizing ambitious, professional trading. This is an active software which, thanks to its intelligent and sophisticated design, encourages beginners in particular to approach the markets systematically [..]