Broker Information

Choosing the brokers and/or data feeds is a fundamental decision. Selecting a suitable broker requires careful consideration
of the question: what would you like to trade?
If you have not yet selected the broker or data feed, you should ask yourself several questions, for instance:

  • In which time frames would you like to trade (do you need tick data, for example: yes/no)?
  • How are the broker’s spreads/fees constructed?
  • Which types of instruments does the broker provide (CFDs, Forex, shares, futures, etc.)?

A broker’s platform always represents the reference platform. (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT)
This means that orders and money-related values that are shown on the broker’s platform are valid.
Always leave the broker’s platform running alongside AgenaTrader as a backup. The broker’s platform gives you an essential overview of the interaction between AgenaTrader and your broker.
And with this, you always know exactly how your orders/positions – and potentially your account balance – are displayed.

We would like to provide a basic overview below, so that you can then carefully consider all your broker and data feed options:

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