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Chart Gallery

Chart  Gallery

With the chart gallery, you now have complete freedom over your charts and chart groups.


There are no longer any limits as to how many charts you can have displayed next to each other in a container, and the arrangement, proportions and so on also have no more restrictions. With this add-in, you receive the following tools:

  • Single-chart gallery
  • List-chart gallery
  • Tab-chart gallery
  • Chart gallery for Instrumentlists

The Chart gallery for instrument lists Single-chart, list-chart and tab-chart galleries have the same operating principle as the similarly named chart groups that you are already familiar with in AgenaTrader – but in the gallery version, they are available without limitations when it comes to the number and arrangement of the charts.

You can observe as many timeframes next to each other as you wish – and with the chart gallery for instrument lists, you can also view as many instruments as you wish in one single chart container simultaneously. Using the chart gallery for instrument lists, it is therefore possible, for example, to load all the values from the Dow30 or the Dax30 next to each other and thus to always keep an eye on them.

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