Introduction to the DOWHOW Add-On

Some of the biggest challenges when trading on the exchange market are duplication and resistance in day-to-day trading, especially for day trading in short time frames. Money is lost too quickly due to pure actionism, triggered by too many setups in too few markets. Of course, you can use several monitors, but this won’t give you much more of an overview either.
Wouldn’t it be an immense advantage to trade with trading software that is able to filter a high range of liquid markets, taking your favorite setups into account, and to be able to place your orders with only a few clicks of the mouse?

With AgenaTrader and the DowHow add-on, this has finally become a reality.
It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner, an experienced trader, or even a professional – with this combination, your trading success on the exchange market will be a step above the others.
Details about the Gabel edition

  • DowHow workspace (incl. all settings)
  • Scanner lists (list chart groups) for EoD and day trading
  • DowHow indicator for reversal bars according to the “DowHow filter”
  • Condition setup for trading with DowHow and reversal bars
    INFO: We recommend that you use this add-on with AGENATRADER ANDROMEDA.
  • dow-how-addon-2017-mit

GABEL’s DowHow


The name of this package is based on a combination of the terms “know-how” and “Dow Theory”, hence the catchy term “DowHow”.
As the name already reveals, this package is based on the simple principles of Charles Dow, which are listed below and have been adapted for today’s market environment:

  • The price level indices and charts reflect all factors that influence the supply and demand.
  • The market has three trends; a primary one (big picture), a secondary one (mid-term or superior) and a short-term (subordinate) trend.
  • Trends have three phases.
  • The trends must confirm each other.
  • The volume must confirm the trend.
  • A trend continuation is more likely than a trend break (taking the maturity of the trend into account)

Building upon these six central statements of the Dow Theory, the DowHow setup was created. It appears as soon as the price is in at least phase 4 (of a valid trend) in the superior timeframe (secondary trend) – in the middle and small trend – and is in phase 5 in the timeframe to be traded (subordinate trend).

This new Add-On represents a further milestone in stock exchange trading, and unites experiences from private and institutional trading. Buckle up, hold tight and prepare for the next revolution and evolution in technically-oriented stock exchange trading, based on the purest and most enlightening approach there is – the Dow Theory.

INFO: We recommend that you use this add-on with AGENATRADER ANDROMEDA.

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