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Easter time…

… the time, when spring shows its beautiful sides and you can enjoy nature. But where especially now in these uncertain times traders need software that guides them through these challenges in the best possible way.

We wish all our customers and users happy and healthy Easter!

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10 steps to become an AgenaTrader expert – part 3

Today, on April 16th, the third part of the biweekly education series “AgenaTrader – 10 steps to become an AgenaTrader expert” will take place. This time you will learn everything about “ChartContainer and ActionBar”.

In this webinar you will learn everything about the ChartContainer in the AgenaTrader and how to customize your workspace. In addition, you will get to know the ActionBar and its functionalities. These webinars do address new users and interested parties as well as existing user who want to brush up and deepen their skills in successfully using the AgenaTrader. All webinars will be hosted by AgenaTrader education partner Udo Müller, they will take place in German.

Here you can register …

These webinars will take place in German.

How to build the ideal trading signal

Live implementation of your signals

Also today, AgenaTrader and broker partner CapTrader are inviting you to another event of their monthly webinar special

How to build the ideal trading signal

You are very welcome to send your condition ideas in advance to or with the subject “AgenaTrader/CapTrader webinar – my ideal trading signal”. In the course of a voting during every event we will find one condition that will be built in the webinar. Be there and find out how easy it is to create your own signals and develop your own trading approach.

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This webinar will take place in German.

ATT Trading

Live Trading Session with the team

Also, our partners of ATT Trading again invite you their live trading session with the ATT team today.

With their own accounts and in live sessions the team will show, how you can protect your assets und detect serious mistakes timely. You will learn, how to apply profitable strategy setups that do not overstrain your time and how to build mental strength, which can make the difference between success and failure.

ATT-CEO Ali Taghikhan says, „Finding a successful trading strategy is often very time-consuming and arduous, as many are taking the path via trial-and-error or try to learn by teaching themselves. We think that there is a more efficient way to learn how to trade. Our live trading webinars will help you find it.“

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This webinar will take place in German.

Webinar series

AgenaTrader Helpdesk with FXFlat

On April 22nd, our broker partner FXFlat and AgenaTrader partner, TradingCoach Carsten Berger again are inviting you to the monthly AgenaTrader Helpdesk. In this webinar series it´s all about your questions about the AgenaTrader platform.

Carsten explains, “For trading, I am using the “PerlenTaucher strategy”, a workspace adapted to trading with FXFlat. In this ten-part webinar series I will try to answer all your questions and provide you valuable tips and tricks for the handling.” In addition to the webinars with FXFlat, Carsten hosts numerous own events, sharing his more than 20 years of trading experience with the participants. Among other things, Carsten specialized in optimization of workflows as well as creating of conditions.

To ensure that your questions about AgenaTrader are answered satisfactorily, please send them in advance to or with the keyword: “AT Helpdesk”.

Learn here how to get the AgenaTrader Mercury for free at FXFlat …

Here you can register for the webinar …

These webinars will take place in German.

 Webinar recording of the week:

How to find the best stock picks in times of crisis with the AgenaTrader

In this webinar, AgenaTrader CEO Gilbert Kreuzthaler will show you how to find specifically now the best stock picks in the enormous universe of share values with the help of the AgenaTrader and its integrated tools such as the EOD Scanner, the MultiTimeframeScanner and several other ressources.

Here you can find the recording (only available in German)

Tip of the week: ConditionEscort – Practical examples 1/2

Did you know that AgenaTrader provides you with webinars to expand and deepen your user knowledge and skills?

In this webinar you will learn how to work with the ConditionEscort. The simple and advanced calculation as well as the simple and advanced mode will be explained. Several practical examples are presented, which show the logical application of this AT++ feature, such as calculating Up-Gap and DownGap signals and much more.

Here you can find the webinar recording (only available in German)

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