Introduction to the BORN Add-On

Developed by us for our own private trading, now available for active traders.
Efficient and successful with the right trading software

To be able to work efficiently and successfully, it makes sense to use the tools used by the professionals. And the same goes for trading. The BORN Traders team works primarily with AgenaTrader, professional trading software that can be connected to many brokers and data feeds, therefore providing valuable support in finding and implementing trading ideas.

We have developed numerous valuable trading tools for proprietary trading and for trading in the associated asset management, which are also available for you as extra packages in addition to AgenaTrader.

Essential components:

  • BORN bar (in timeframes from 4 hours upwards)
  • BORN bar line indicator
  • BORN oscillator
  • Elliott waves panel for a simple method of calculation
  • Fibonaccis with pre-prepared settings for retracement, extension, projection as well as time and sequences
  • Slope indicators (trend/countertrend)
  • Green line entry line
  • Trailing alerts (last bar high/last bar low)
  • Keyboard shortcuts for the most important tools
  • Numerous scanners for finding practical trading possibilities faster

BORN package PRO

The PRO version of the BORN package contains the same valuable tools as the normal BORN package; however, here the BORN bar is not limited to timeframes larger than or equal to 4 hours, but can also be applied indefinitely to smaller timeframes. This makes the PRO version especially suitable for highly active traders who also wish to trade intraday with the BORN bar.

Since the BORN package PRO was developed primarily for proprietary trading, the sale of licenses is limited under certain circumstances. Further information and the order form for the BORN package PRO.

To be able to use the BORN package, you need AgenaTrader.

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