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Webinar series and special offer

It´s all about Dow Theory in this four-part webinar series, hosted by our broker partner FXFlat and held by Oliver Najjar of

September 26th

Trend spotting with the MT ON LIVE SIGNAL PRO ADDON

October 24th

MorningMeeting: market preparation and screening of the markets with the MT ON LIVE SIGNAL PRO ADDON

November 21st

Technical blurring in Dow Theory with the MT ON LIVE SIGNAL PRO ADDON

December 12th

MorningMeeting for intraday trading with the MT ON LIVE SIGNAL PRO ADDON

Oliver Najjar´s MT ON LIVE SIGNAL PRO ADDON enables you to view and trade the financial markets from the perspective of a professional Dow Theory trader. Oliver explains, “Let the AddOn support you in your trading and use the possibilities to structure your trading style and your working style. High-performance trend detection, fully automated stop moving, identification of “low risk strategies” or filtering according to market signals form the core of this professional trend detection software.”

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Tip: FXFlat and Oliver Najjar of have a special offer for all friends of the Dow Theory. Here you can get a 20% discount for the MT ON LIVE SIGNAL PRO ADDON.

These webinars will take place in German.

Testimonial of a Pro-Trader:

Rüdiger Born on AgenaTrader

There are at least as many different reasons to choose the AgenaTrader as there are features in this platform. While one user might appreciate the efficiency of the platform, the other might like the possibility to automatize numerous work steps.

This week you can learn, why for Pro-Trader, TraderCoach and long-standing AgenaTrader partner Rüdiger Born it´s great fun to work with the AgenaTrader and why he could not do without it anymore.

Here you can find the testimonial …

Tip of the week: IB as data feed / limitations

Did you know that in the AgenaTrader you can use Interactive Brokers not only as a broker, but as a data feed provider, as well?

When using IB as a data feed provider, please keep in mind that they are restricting the amount of simultaneously requested data. The maximum number of simultaneous open historical data requests from the API is 50. That´s why you should take care that you have a much smaller number of requests pending at a time, as otherwise you might get an error message and you also might experience a partial or complete lack of data. Here you can find possible solutions.

By rule of thumb: 1 instrument in 3 timeframes = 3 histories, 1 Analyzer Escort column = 1 history. Watch lists, backtest lists, indicators and alerts also require histories. For each bar size AgenaTrader provides historical data for the limited period of time (as shown on the left side).

Watch this tutorial about IB connections and find further detailed instructions and additional information here in our Online Help.

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