AgenaTrader Newsletter / week 39/2020

InteractiveBrokers Users – please always use the TWS Stable version!

Our support team gets tickets from time to time which are difficult to understand in connection with IB.

Especially in the last few days we had some requests for order-issues which we could not understand at first. But then we noticed that there seems to be a different behavior between the current latest-version and the Stable version of the TWS. With the Stable version you are much more on the safe side, because possible inconsistencies of the TWS-latest have already been reported and fixed. The TWS-Latest is therefore not officially supported by us.

We ask you to always make sure that you use the Stable version and never the latest version. Due to the differences in behavior we have set to a minor release: Download link
It will check whether you are using the TWS-Stable or TWS-Latest and where you will be notified by popup if you are using the Latest version.

Please refer to our online help to find out how to switch from the Latest to the Stable version: Online Help
Going forward, if you use the TWS-Latest, you will receive a note with a reference to this Wiki entry.

AgenaTrader Beta 2.7.5

Some time ago we announced the Basically it runs very well and stable, but we still get improvement input from Beta users for various new functionalities, e.g. the MT5-Connector.

Therefore we have decided not to officially set the 2.7.5 to Minor yet, but to polish the last corners before it is released to be able to offer you the best possible quality. The previous functionality from the 2.7.0 seems to run very stable. We will keep you informed as soon as we set the 2.7.5 to Minor.

However, we would ask the Interactive-Broker users, who are already using the beta, due to the above mentioned late/stable issue, to switch to the following version, so that they are also informed by the platform whether they are possibly on the TWS-Latest: Download link

The professional way into options trading – Part 3

Today, the 3rd part of the 4-part webinar series: The professional way into options trading with Marcus Ruhnau will take place and explain how to choose the right values and strategies. Next week you can see:

October 1st – How do you organize your options workflow?

Marcus says, “Using the Ruhnau TurningPoint package and the Ruhnau Options package, I explain both Bull Put spreads and Vertical Call spreads – selected in long direction. We also look at direct recommendations for action that promise extremely high hit rates and returns with low, calculated risk”.

Here you can register …

This webinar will take place in German.

Webinar recordings

Welcome to the AgenaTrader Helpdesk, where AgenaTrader Partner, TradingCoach Carsten Berger will answer your questions about AgenaTrader. For trading, the consultant uses a work surface that is adapted to the trading at FXFlat.

Click here for the recording (only available in German)…

Accompany the AgenaTrader partner, TradingCoach Martin Goersch and learn everything about Ichimoku Kinko Hyo. What sounds so complicated here is a wonder weapon for traders. Often underestimated and even more often misunderstood, this dream indicator for active traders as well as for long-term investors shows first-class entry levels for swing trades or investments.

Click here for the recording (only available in German)…

Tip of the week: Reload connected

Did you know that you can fast and easily resolve issues with the loading of instruments on your own?

Sometimes it happens that instruments are not loaded, or data are displayed differently in the AgenaTrader than in your broker platform. In such cases simply connect to your broker or data feed provider, then open the connections context menu in the Application ToolBar by choosing “Main -> Connections” and click on “Reload connected”. In most cases the problem will be resolved after that. If you still experience issues with loading instruments or still get different data, please contact our support team.

Find out more about broker and data feed connections here in our Online Help.

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