Markttechnik meets Artificial Intelligence – with Markus Ruhnau

Pilot Webinar: Markttechnik meets Artificial Intelligence

Friday: 20th December 18:00 MET

Marcus Ruhnau

We are pleased to present a new partner in a pilot event: based on his profound expertise with Artificial Intelligence, Process Optimization and Root Cause Analysis, Marcus Ruhnau has developed a procedure that allow new ways of approaching the markets.

We have worked with Marcus Ruhnau for many years now and have followed his career and progress. Many AgenaTrader users are using Marcus´ trading approach for quite some time now and we are looking forward to announcing our first official appearance with Marcus.

Want to learn more? Then register now for the Ruhnau Turningpoints webinar on December 20. Here you can register …

This webinar will take place in German.

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