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Get a great Trading Platform without any platform cost from one of our Mercury-Partners.

AgenaTrader Mercury supports traders who want to practice discretionary trading. The Mercury version boasts a huge selection of features, including our powerful (C#) AgenaScript, which offers you undreamt-of possibilities for full automation.

With the multi-timeframe view in charting, you just need to load a symbol or an instrument list (e.g. AAPL or Nasdaq100) and you automatically receive your desired timeframes displayed in a chart group.

The timeframes can easily be adjusted to any time that you wish to see.

NOTE: Mercury is our free of cost single brokerage version of AgenaTrader and is available with specific brokers only  – find them here…

Trading Software AgenaTrader Basic
MultiTimeFrame Trading Software

Multi Time Frame

With the multi-timeframe view, you just need to load a symbol or an instrument list (e.g. AAPL or Nasdaq100), and you automatically receive up to four charts in different timeframes.

The timeframes can easily be adjusted to any time that you wish to see

ChartTrading Platform AgenaTrader

Chart Trading

Chart trading in AT is uncomplicated and professional. With just a few clicks, send complete setups from the chart out into the market. You can open the context menu from directly out of the chart in order to enter your orders.

The order types can be easily linked using OCO/ORO/IF-DONE connections.

Order Verbindungen AgenaTrader


In AgenaTrader, it is possible to depict complex order constructs, whereby the following options are available.

  • OCO (One Cancels Other): as soon as one order is executed, the connected order is deleted.
  • If-Done: when an order is executed, the connected orders are activated.
  • ORO (One Reduces Other): if the order is executed, the order size of the second order is reduced by the order volume of the first order.
AgenaTrader Order Templates


One of the many functions of AgenaTrader where its simple usage shines through: place and link orders, and save this order construct as a template in order to return to it in the future and use it again.

Turn your favorite order groups into pre-prepared templates so that you can quickly and easily open them up again.

Trading Indikatoren im AgenaTrader


AgenaTrader provides you with a large number of powerful indicators that support you in your individual market analysis.

Our default settings come with more than 150 different indicators. One unique feature is that you can place indicators into the ActionBar as “dynamic indicators” so as to only display them in the chart when you need them.

AgenaTrader DOM


The Depth of Market – DOM for short – allows you a glimpse into the order books of the market. What is depicted is the number of orders, with the corresponding order prices, that are placed in the market, separated by buy or sell positions.

In addition, a Times&Sales list is also included. With just a click on the desired price in the buy or sell column, your order is placed in the market. You can create stop, stop limit, limit or market orders.



The QuickTrader, as the name implies, makes it possible to rapidly enter orders or strategies into the chart. It is managed via the ActionBar, by means of which you can control the DOM behavior directly in the chart.
If level 2 information is available for the instrument, horizontal bars are also shown.
Within these bars, the respective volume is displayed in the form of a number.

AgenaTrader Tools

Drawing Objects

The AgenaTrader platform has a large range of drawing objects. The pencil symbol directly in the chart makes it incredibly easy to open the drawing objects and insert them into the chart.

Adjust the settings for the various drawing objects yourself, and create templates for your favorite drawing objects.

With your preferred drawing objects – from simple lines, to analytical tools, to text labels – you can visualize your charts and optimize your trading analyses.

AgenaTrader InfoCenter

Info Center

The Info Center is a collection of useful info tabs that you can arrange however suits you best within your workspace in order to complete your trading experience.

The Info Center shows time alerts – that remind you of important events – and price alerts that send you a notification as soon as the price of a security breaks through the price level determined by you.

Using the trading notes, you can create notes on your trading day, which are then saved and organized according to the creation date.

Simple Scanner in AgenaTrader Basic

Simple Scanner

The simple scanner makes it possible for you to scan hundreds of values in real time and in various timeframes.

Beyond this, observe the real-time behavior (e.g. bid, ask, last, volume) of the different symbols, place indicators in various columns or scan your self-programmed AgenaScript conditions in order to understand the market behavior of entire instrument lists at a glance.

When one of your signals occurs, the corresponding symbol is marked.

AgenaScript Visual Studio

C# & Visual Studio

AgenaScript is a programming language that is integrated into the trading platform AgenaTrader. The syntax of AgenaScript is derived from C#.
With the help of AgenaScript, you can implement complete, fully automated strategies / indicators etc.

In order to make developing easier for you, an interface is integrated into Visual Studio. This gives you the great advantage of a standardized programming environment that leaves nothing to be desired. Convenient debugging, sophisticated intellisense and so on help you to be even more efficient when programming.

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Carsten Umland
Carsten UmlandProfessional trader
[..]It is not easy to find good trading software and brokers. In this context, personal requirements play a significant role whilst learning to trade. Since the AgenaTrader software is able to adapt itself to your trading style, it gives you the greatest possible freedom.[..]
Mike Seidl
Mike SeidlProfessional trader
[..]All in all, AgenaTrader is precisely the solution that I need for my work as an exchange trader, no matter which timeframe I am active in. I use it daily with great enthusiasm.[..]
Martin Görsch
Martin GörschProfessional trader
[..]With features like trading directly from the chart or the DOM, integrated stock screeners and realtime market scanners, AgenaTrader aims not only to save valuable time for traders but also help traders to improve their trading results.[..]
Markus Gabel
Markus GabelAsset Manager
[..]From the rapid screening of the markets according to my preferred setup, to the practical administration of current trades. AgenaTrader allows you to concentrate on what is really essential in trading[..]
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