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High-quality work and
know-how is what fuels our success

AgenaTrader trading platform and charting software for futures, forex, cfds, and stocks

What we do and who we are

The AgenaTrader team is a group of diverse, highly educated professionals. Within this group are professional retail and institutional traders, finance experts and highly specialized software developers with many years of experience in developing finance technology.
About seven years ago, a trader who had been trading the markets for many years using standard trading technology dedicated all his efforts toward finding all the software tools necessary to become a successful trader. The results of extensive research in the trading technology market were devastating. While big institutions work with highly professional software applications, these were lacking in the retail market. And so he began to research the customers of these software technology markets. Many of his research results highlighted the fact that private traders were struggling in their trading due to a lack of functionality in their software application, and even worse, due to simply being unaware of what tools are needed.
Since then, this trader – our CEO – has been building and continues to build a software trading solution for all who know or want to know what a professional trader must do to become successful!
Beside him stands the team, each person specialized in his or her field, with a focus on ensuring quality, supporting and educating customers and continuously searching for new markets that need to be translated into programming language, and new AgenaTrader and market features.

The idea of AgenaTrader

While other companies in trading software development rarely consider the trader’s approach, instead only focusing on the technical and programming aspect, from the very beginning AgenaTrader developed its features according to the needs of the users – the traders. Each feature was designed and developed with this insight in mind.
AgenaTrader – inspired by traders
Another core element of the AgenaTrader philosophy and idea is to provide all necessary tools and features that absolutely cannot be left out of a daily trading routine. The AgenaTrader++ (plus plus) features guide traders in the right direction so that they can compete with other traders on the markets, especially those who drive and make the markets. Further tools, such as the trading diary, multi-timeframe charts and the possibility to implement packages from professional traders, provide additional support.

Why use AgenaTrader?

Conservative estimates assume that the financial markets are about ten times larger than the real economy (or even more). While the majority of human resources are concentrated in the real economy, the financial markets show a big entry barrier. Only highly professionalized institutions can successfully compete in and really drive the markets. The retail and private trader is up against a concentrated power that pushes the entry barrier to high standards. Some of these private traders have actually learned how to become professional and are able to compete, but the percentage is very low.
AgenaTrader combines this knowledge of how to compete and provides traders with all the features available in the software application.

AgenaTrader – empowering a new way of trading

If you decide to become a trader, facing armies of professional traders, can you compete? Alone? AgenaTrader will support your buy and sell decisions with highly professional features that make your daily trading routine easier and let you compete with the market makers.