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New video conferencing technology in TradersYard –

After several months of development we are pleased to announce the integration of an entirely new video technology in TradersYard. In the future, TradersYard will use the own brand for all video meetings, webinars, etc.

Advantages and featurest that are available with this new techology:

  • Every video meeting and webinar can now be opened directly in the browser. Hence, from now on even user who do not have a Windows PC can attend video conferences, as well.
  • To attend a web meeting, from now on you can find the option „Web Meeting“ in every TradersYard Office when using the „Join with Client“ button as usual.
  • Group calls are now available in the AgenaTrader and in the meeting client, the usability of these group calls will be improved in the course of the next weeks.

How can this new technology can be used?

  1. The web meeting buttons will be enabled in all TradersYard offices and can be used already.
  2. The latest version of the meeting client is already using, so simply choose „Meeting Client“ with the „Joint with Client“ button in the office.
  3. In the AgenaTrader the integration of is almost completely executed. However, you will need the latest Beta version of the AgenaTrader to use it. Here you can download it: LINK

Please note: is currently in the beta phase, therefore instabilities might occur over the next few weeks every now and then. We are also continuously working on optimizing the usability as well as the user comfort. Feedback and ideas about how to improve the new integration are very welcome!

Attention: As soon as the owner of a group starts using the new video technology, all members of this group or participants of a video conference, respectively, have to use this new technology. Therefore all memebrs of a group have to conduct one of the three above stated steps in order to use the new technology. If you stay with the old technology, you will not be abe to attend conferences and webinars anymore – no video stream will be transmitted in the old technology.

New date:

How to build the ideal trading signal

For organizational reasons, AgenaTrader and broker partner CapTrader have to postpone the second part of their webinar special „How to build the ideal trading signal“ to December 11.

In this monthly webinar series, you can send us your trading ideas and we will try to build them live with the ConditionEscort of the AgenaTrader. In the course of a voting during every event we will find one condition that will be built in the webinar. Be there and find out how easy it is to create your own signals and develop your own trading approach.

Just send your condition ideas in advance to or with the subject “AgenaTrader/CapTrader webinar – my ideal trading signal”.

Here you can register …

This webinar will take place in German.


Buy now:

BlackFriday/Cyberweek at AgenaTrader!

Not just one day but a whole week you can benefit from AgenaTrader´s incredible BlackFriday/Cyberweek offers and save up to 42%. In our shop you can find all our great offers – you don´t want to miss this!

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Webinar series

4 weeks – trading approaches

Over the course of the next four weeks, the team from ThinkAndTrade is again hosting their popular webinar series „4 weeks – 4 trading approaches“. The webinars consist of a brief theory part and a detailed practical part:

– Friday, November 29, 2019 – 6:30pm – The SEPA™ method by Mark Minervini – the Trendfinder AddOn

– Friday, December 5, 2019 – 6:30pm – Mind the Gap – The ThinkAndTrade methods of gap trading – the GapFinder AddOn

– Friday, December 12, 2019 – 6:30pm – Variations in the market – the ADR AddOn

– Friday, December 19, 2019 – 6:30pm – Opening Range Break Out with the ORB Pro AddOn

Dejan Murselovic from ThinkAndTrade explains, “In these four webinars you will learn four easy trading approaches that will help you to develop a structured trading. Each technique is focusing on a different time horizon, which allows you to find out, whether you rather are a scalper, a swing trader or a buy-and-hold investor.”

Please note that ThinkAndTrade does not provide recordings of the webinars.

Here you can register …

These webinars will take place in German.


Exclusive seminar:

Dow Theory intensive workshop for professional trading

From December 4 to December 8, Oliver Najjar from is holding an exclusive workshop in the premises of CapTrader in Düsseldorf:

Dow Theory intensive workshop for professional trading

Oliver explains, „In a focused working atmosphere you will learn live and directly on the live market about all technical conditions that lead to a successful and professional trading with the Dow Theory.“ Following the workshop, there will be an additional online training day where together we will implement what you´ve learned. All participants will automatically, free of charge and without a time limit become a member of the internal group.

Seats are limited, so register now for this event! Find further details as well as the registration here …

This event will take place in German.

Tip of the week: ChartTrading in the ChartContainer

Did you know that in the AgenaTrader you have different ChartContainer available, that not only allow you to individually arrange charts, but also trading directly from the chart?

With AgenaTrader´s ChartContainer you can display single charts as well as multiple charts for one or more instruments. Among others, you have the SingleChart, ListChart groups or the ChartGallery available.

In addition, the AgenaTrader supports professional ChartTrading that allows you to submit complete TradingSetups with just a few mouse clicks – discretionary as well as in the innovative AT++ mode. The ergonomic, customized menu navigation makes ChartTrading in the AgenaTrader especially user-friendly. Simply right-click into the respective chart. In the now open context menu you can find all trading functionalities.

Learn more about the ChartContainer and ChartTrading here in our Online Help …



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