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New Year greetings 

The AgenaTrader team wishes you

a happy, healthy and prosperous 2019!

AgenaTrader education series

10 steps to become an application specialist

AgenaTrader will hold a Q&A webinar series starting from February 6th  2019:

AgenaTrader – 10 steps to become an application specialist

In this webinar series, all features and functionalities of the AgenaTrader will be explained individually and in detail:

Part 1: Installation, Workspace, everything about charting, time frames, ChartGroups and Actionbar.

Part 2: How to place a discretionary order and how to control it (ChartTrading OrderPads, DOM, QuickTrader).

Part 3: Drawing objects and indicators – how to use them efficiently.

Part 4: The interaction of instruments/symbols InstrumentLists and scanner

Part 5: Templates in AgenaTrader – charts, ChartGroups, scanner, drawing objects, …

Part 6: Creating signals – how to program signals via Drag&Drop.

Part 7: Creating a strategy – how to build a strategy, place it in the market and connect it to the risk management.

Part 8: AT++ Manager and everything about AT++

Part 9: Alerts in AgenaTrader (scanner, chart, e-mail, Notifier)

Part 10: Additional helpful tools and features

Here you can find further details as well as the registration …

These webinars will take place in German.

Investorschule – Dow Theory Online Workshop

After a successful and very interesting December-workshop, our education partner, trading coach Mike Seidl is inviting you again to his six-part workshop now in January 2019.

With this online training this experienced trader will give you important basics for successfully trading the financial markets. You will learn how to correctly appraise the markets, develop suitable trading ideas and minimize the risks in your trading. Mike says, “Enjoy your life financially relaxed. Learn trading from the scratch and generate a steady income.”

A little bonus for all participants of Mike´s previous workshops in Berlin as well as the previous online trainings: for only €20.- you can attend the online training again for refreshment. Those seats are limited, though. In case you are interested, please send a personal email to Mike Seidl: .

Here you can find all information about the workshop as well as the registration.

This workshop will take place in German.

Tip of the week: notifications in the InfoCenter

Did you know that you can view important notifications in the InfoCenter?

Via Tools -> System Information you can open the “Message”-tab. Here you will not find errors or other messages caused by the system, but notifications about specific user-defined settings, like alerts, order rejections etc.

In the log, on the other hand, you can find internal system messages. Here, general notifications, for example login status messages, as well as error messages are displayed. In case something does not work the way, it should, it pays to take a look at the log. You can find it via Tools -> System Information -> Log.

Learn more about the information tabs here in our Online Help.

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