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Lectures in Geneva and Zurich with Gilbert Kreuzthaler

In just a few weeks, two very special lectures you don´t want to miss, will take place in Switzerland in cooperation with SAMT – The Swiss Association of Market Technicians:

LocationPoint®-Trading – read the chart like a map

On June 12th and 13th, interested parties have the opportunity to learn from AgenaTrader CEO Gilbert Kreuzthaler methods of his own devising, which he had observed and developed over many years of trading the financial markets. They work in lower time frames yet are suited for EoD trading. Gilbert Kreuzthaler says, „Where many other trading styles fail or leave off, Location Point® trading is just getting started.“

Attendance for SAMT-members is free, guests will have to pay CHF 25.-

You can find details for the lectures as well as the registration here:

Lecture on June 12th, 2019 in Geneva (LINK)

Lecture on June 13th, 2019 in Zurich (LINK)

CME micro futures in the AgenaTrader

A few weeks ago, the CME drew up micro contracts on US indices which makes the trading of micro contracts quite interesting. In the AgenaTrader, those micros of course are available:

In order to have those contracts available, you just have to re-import your data feed mappings via „Tools -> Settings -> Instruments: Markets and Mappings“. Then switch to „Inst.Lists (General)“, choose „Mini/Micro Futures“ and import this list as well. Now you can open a Mini/Micro Futures ListChart group.

Micros are particularly expedient when you want to scale into a position with a number of entries or scale out of a position with several exits.

Four-part training program for the AgenaTrader – part 2

Today, on May 30th, AgenaTrader Partner, TradingCoach Carsten Umland will hold the second webinar of his 4-part AgenaTrader training program:

Stock Scanning – How to find the next achievers in the stock markets. In this webinar you will learn how to filter stocks. Actual examples will help you find the strongest stocks in the market and link them to the Intermarket Analysis from the previous webinar.

Here you can register …

You can find the recording of the first webinar „Preparing of the trading day“ here … (in German)

For those who would like to know more about trading and are interested in a specific training program, Carsten will be happy to take the time to present his training program at the end of the webinars. All important information and details can also be found here…

These webinars will take place in German.

Intensive webinars with Mike Seidl

Secure your seat: starting from June 6th, TradingCoach Mike Seidl is inviting to his six-part education series. „All comes down to a trend!“ – this is the motto of Mike´s education special, that will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays respectively.

With this online education series the experienced trader will provide you important basics for successfully trading the financial markets. You will learn to correctly evaluate the markets, create fitting trading ideas and minimize trading risks. In addition, Mike will discuss and answer all your questions extensively throughout the whole training period.

A little bonus for all participants of Mike´s previous workshops in Berlin as well as the previous online trainings: for only €20.- you can attend the online training again for refreshment. Those seats are limited, though. In case you are interested, please send a personal email to Mike Seidl: .

Here you can find all information about the workshop as well as the registration.

These webinars will take place in German.


10 signals – ten-part webinar series with Martin Goersch

Next week, on June 5th, partner, TradingCoach Martin Goersch is starting his ten-part webinar series, where he will introduce and intensively analyze one signal from the live event „10 professional trading strategies for every market situation“ in each webinar:

June 5th: Jeff Cooper – 180s

June 12th: Jeff Cooper – 1-2-3-4

June 19th: Jeff Cooper – Expansion BreakOut

June 26th: Jeff Cooper – Expansion Pivot

July 3rd: Jeff Cooper – Lizard

July 10th: Jeff Cooper – Gilligans Island

July 17th: Jeff Cooper – Reversal

July 24th: Larry Williams – MA14

July 31st: Linda Raschke – Holy Grail

August 7th: Linda Raschke – Inside Day

Here you can register …

These webinars will take place in German.

Tip of the week: The CorrelationMatrix

Did you know that in the AgenaTrader you have the CorrelationMatrix available, that allows you to compare the performance of individual instruments and InstrumentLists in any timeframe?

You can open the CorrelationMatrix via “Main -> New -> CorrelationMatrix” in the application toolbar. In the definition popup you can now choose the desired InstrumentList and timeframe and adjust the number of periods and bars, if necessary. In addition, you can choose a ChartTemplate for the linked chart next to the matrix. Confirm by clicking „OK“ – the desired CorrelationMatrix will open in a new tab. By default, it is displayed as a two-dimensional table with each symbol of the selected instrument list on the x-axis and y-axis respectively. By clicking on an individual correlation coefficient, the corresponding value is loaded in the chart to the right of the matrix. You can add additional values by clicking on the „Plus“-icon in the upper left corner of the matrix.

Find further setting options and detailed instructions here in our Online Help as well as here in the video tutorial.

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