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10 signals – ten webinars with Martin Goersch

Half-time – but no time to rest! Next Wednesday, on July 10th, the next part of Martin Goersch´s ten-part webinar series is taking place:

Jeff Cooper – Gilligans Island

Find below the topics of the next webinars:

July 17th: Jeff Cooper – Reversal

July 24th: Larry Williams – MA14

July 31st: Linda Raschke – Holy Grail

August 7th: Linda Raschke – Inside Day

Here you can register …

These webinars will take place in German.

New in the AgenaTrader blog:

Secrets of the Master Traders

Have you ever been wondering, if the trade that you´ve just placed is really good or perhaps just too good to be true? What is professional trading really about and what does Darwin have to do with this whole thing?

Find answers to these and many other questions as well as valuable tips here in the Secrets of the Master Traders.

TradersYard issues

Ladies and Gentlemen, dear AgenaTrader- and TradersYard user!

Some of you might have seen a red blinking status bar recently. We´ve informed you about this in a brief server message.

The reason for this signal was that due to many new TradersYard users retrieving postings, chats etc. in the AgenaTrader or via TradersYard at the same time, server limits were exceeded. Therefore information coulnd not be downloaded to TY or AT anymore, yet the systems still tried to load those data – this at the same time and from many local ATs and Tys respectively resulted in an unexpected server load.

We have been working together with server experts lately and hope that today, at the latest tomorrow, we can bring some ease to the server. Within the next few days we will also release an AgenaTrader that can better manage traffic from single computers.

For being able to optimize the server, it might happen in the next few days that some users cannot reach TradersYard for a brief period of 5 – 10 minutes as automatisms were built in to relieve the server.

We are sorry for the inconveniences and would like to say thank you for your patience. We are working at full speed to remove this issue.

Your AgenaTrader team

Tip of the week: The ActionBar

Did you know that in the AgenaTrader you have the ActionBar available that can simplify your working in the chart in many ways?

To utilize the ActionBar in the best way possible, it is necessary to configurate it and adjust it accurately. Via Tools -> Settings -> ConfigurationEscort -> ActionBar you can configure the ActionBar settings generally for all charts. In case you want to configurate teh ActionBar for each chart individually, just open the ConfigurationEscort with a right cllick into the respective ActionBar and edit the desired settings.

While essential functionalities like the InstrumentNews from Google Finance, the QuickTrader or the ChartTradingPad – to name but a few – are available per default, you can add and edit numerous other tools such as indicators, instrument lists, QuickSetups, order templates or drawing objects with just a few mouse clicks.

Watch this webinar (in German language) about the ActionBar or find detailed instructions here in our Online Help.

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