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TrendSniffer: Volumetrading vs. Probabilities

AgenaTrader / CapTrader special

Today, on July 18th, AgenaTrader and broker partner CapTrader are inviting you to the second event of their special series – the topic this time: TrendSniffer: Volumetrading vs. Probabilities.

About the content:

  • Hype and buzzword „Volumetrading“: is volume trading actually useful?
  • Probabilities vs. Volumetrading – or both combined?
  • Introduction of the TrendSniffer

The webinar will be held by Marko Varga, an active trader since 2010. Marko pursues different trading approaches like scalping, swing trading and long-term investments. The core of his trading are statistic evaluations in the markets. Marko says, „My advantage comes from probability calculations and the knowledge of the characteristics of the respective financial market. My recipe for success is a clear and especially repeatable trading structure based on a mathematical formula.“

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This webinar will take place in German.

10 signals – ten webinars with Martin Goersch

Next Wednesday, on July 24th, the eighth part of Martin Goersch´s ten-part webinar series is taking place:

Larry Williams – MA14

Find below the topics of the next webinars:

July 31st: Linda Raschke – Holy Grail

August 7th: Linda Raschke – Inside Day

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These webinars will take place in German.

Options trading in the AgenaTrader – Private Beta Program

After countless hours of development, the implementation of basic options trading in the AgenaTrader is finally nearing its end and we are planning to start the Private Beta Program at the beginning of August.

Private Beta means that basic functionalities of options trading will be available for interested parties. Yet there will be a great deal of testing necessary to put the finishing touches on the new functionalities. For this testing, we are looking for interested options traders who want to take a closer look at those new tools and make an impact on further developments with their feedback. Options trading in the Private Beta Program will only be available for those who applied for the participation in this program.

During the first stage of the Private Beta Program, options trading will be possible with an IB- or CapTrader account. In addition, IQ-Feed will be availabla as an external options data feed. Additional broker and data feed connections will be enabled in the further course of the program.

The following functionalities will be enabled for the participants of the Private Beta Program:

– OptionChains for stock- and futures options

– Standard OptionsTradingPad

– OptionsCalendar

– Options ChartTrading

– Options indicators (graphical display of the Greeks and other options information)

All those who are interested in participating in this program are asked to send an email with the subject „OptionsTrading – Private Beta Programm“ to to inform us about their interest in the OptionsTrading Private Beta Program.

Secrets of the Elite Traders


Have you ever been wondering, which ability is actually leading to constant profits and which questions, albeit uncomfortable, can help in this context? Why should a trader always also be a scientist and which facts does he have to check in this role?

Find answers to these and many other questions as well as valuable tips here in the Secrets of the Elite Traders.

Tip of the week: Scanner templates

Did you know that in the AgenaTrader you have scanner templates available that allow you to equip your scanner with different functionalities and save each as an individual template?

To save a specific scanner as a template, just right click into the scanner columns, choose „Scanner Templates -> Save as“ in the now open context menu, type the name into the input window and confirm with „OK“. In case you want to save this specific template as a default template, just choose „Save as default“ instead of „Save as“. Columns inside the chart as well as your current settings – e.g. background color, indicator parameters etc. – will be saved. However, the list of instruments from the scanner will not be saved.

To open a saved template, just right click again into the scanner columns, then click on „Load“ and choose the desired template.

Watch this webinar (in German language) about templates or find detailed instructions about the scanner templates here in our Online Help.

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