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Open session and live trading with the ATT team

Please note: new date!

For organizational reasons, the live trading event of AgenaTrader partner ATT-Trading, which was scheduled for August 1st, was moved to August 8th!

With their own accounts and in live sessions the team will show, how you can protect your assets und detect serious mistakes timely. You will learn, how to apply profitable strategy setups that do not overstrain your time and how to build mental strength, which can make the difference between success and failure.

ATT-CEO Ali Taghikhan says, „Finding a successful trading strategy is often very time-consuming and arduous, as many are taking the path via trial-and-error or try to learn by teaching themselves. We think that there is a more efficient way to learn how to trade. Our live trading webinars will help you find it.“

Here you can find further details as well as the registration.

This webinar will take place in German.


New on

Youtube – TradingChannel ranking

In times of the internet and global networking, online training and blended learning have become an integral part of trading. Countless providers of such learning opportunities can be found on YouTube in particular.

Looking for an online training often leaves you spoilt for choice, especially when self-appointed experts turn out as shallow pitchmen and allegedly promising strategies prove to be empty talk. Fortunately, there are also the other ones – those who seriously want to impart knowledge – and have the ability to do it.

But how do you separate the wheat from the chaff? In many cases, the number of subscribers or channel views seems to be sufficient as a quality feature, but appearances are deceptive: often the biggest squallers get the most attention in the beginning but lose their visitors as soon as they are exposed as blowhards.

Considerably more significant is the return value of a channel – channels with less subscribers and views in comparison to others can still be of much higher quality, as their viewers are returning again and again. There are YouTube channels that have set the return value of users as a quality feature. For example: a user return of 100 means that each subscriber has accessed this page 100 times on average. For a channel with 1 million page views and a subscriber list of 10000 users, this results in a return value of 100.

So that you don’t have to click your way through the YouTube universe to find the best TradingChannels, now offers the Youtube – TradingChannel-Ranking, where you can find an ongoing rating of the 50 best TradingChannels, starting with a channel with a return value of 46,3.

Insider tip: 1st place has a return value of 333 – so sign up for this TradersYard group today and experience this exciting countdown!

Here you can find further information as well as the Youtube – TradingChannel ranking.

10 signals – 10 webinars with Martin Goersch

Next Wednesday, on August 7th, the tenth and therefore last part of Martin Goersch´s ten-part webinar series is taking place:

Linda Raschke – Inside Day

Here you can register …

You can find the recordings of all previous webinars here in our YouTube channel.

This webinar will take place in German.

Tip of the week: Drawing object templates

Did you know that in the AgenaTrader you have drawing object templates available that allow you to save your customized drawing objects and activate it anytime?

To place a drawing object in the chart, simply click on the corresponding icon in the ChartToolBar and choose the drawing object. To edit and customize it, open the dialog window by double-clicking the drawing object.

In this same dialog window, you can assign a name to your customized drawing object and save it as a template by clicking the disk-icon. To activate the drawing object template in a chart, simply click on the drawing object icon in the ChartToolBar and and choose your template from the appropriate drawing object type.

Watch this webinar (in German language) about templates or find detailed instructions here in our Online Help.

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