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Timetable World Of Trading 2018

In two weeks the World Of Trading will take place and we are pleased to announce the schedule for the AgenaTrader- and partner-lectures:

Friday, November 23rd, 2018

11.00: Rüdiger Born – Trading with the BORN Style

13.00: Martin Goersch – COT and Seasonalities of gold, silver etc.

15.00: XTB booth – AgenaTrader Mercury and its highlights

16.30: Oliver Najjar – OrderStream, Volume, Dow Theory

Saturday, November 24th, 2018

10.00: Oliver Najjar – OrderStream, Volume, Dow Theory

11.00: Mike Seidl – Dow Theory – the secret of time frames

12.30: Rüdiger Born – Trading with the BORN Style

14.00: Markus Gabel – the key to a stable trading success

15.30: FXFlat/CapTrader booth – OrderStream and Volume

Here as well as on site you can find all details about the booth locations and seminar rooms. We are looking forward to meeting you there!

The lectures will take place in German.

Investorschule – Dow Theory Online Workshop

Trading – just like every other craft – needs to be learned. That´s why our education partner, trading coach Mike Seidl is inviting you to a six-part workshop in December 2018 respectively January 2019.

With this online training this experienced trader will give you important basics for successfully trading the financial markets. You will learn how to correctly appraise the markets, develop suitable trading ideas and minimize the risks in your trading. Nike says, “Enjoy your life financially relaxed. Learn trading from the scratch and generate a steady income.”

A little bonus for all participants of Mike´s previous workshops in Berlin as well as the previous online trainings: for only €20.- you can attend the online training again for refreshment. Those seats are limited, though. In case you are interested, please send a personal email to Mike Seidl: .

In addition, Mike will offer a special price in the scope of the World Of Trading 2018: € 333.33 instead of €450.-

Here you can find all information about the workshop as well as the registration.

This workshop will take place in German.

Reminder: Three-day AgenaTrader software training in Frankfurt am Main

Over the course of the past months we received several requests about a possible AgenaTrader onsite-workshop. So we started a survey a few weeks ago to find out how many users would actually like to attend the event.

As we received less feedback than expected based on the initial requests, we would like to give you the opportunity to let us know without commitment if you are interested in attending:

AgenaTrader could offer a three-day software training workshop in January 2019, which would take place as a combined onsite and online event (live stream via TradersYard). As event venue, Frankfurt am Main presents itself, as it is the financial hub in Central Europe and is also easily accessible for prospects.

To be able to find out if there is still interest and how many persons would actually attend the workshop (minimum number of participants onsite: 8), we kindly ask you to give us feedback to with the subject “AgenaTrader software training workshop”, when you are interested in attending the event. We will provide details like the actual venue, the date as well as the costs, as soon as we have the respective information based on your feedback.

We are looking forward to your responses!

This event will take place in German.

Tip of the week: AgenaTrader on several computers

Did you know that you can install the AgenaTrader software on more than just one PC? Only few people have the opportunity to work on the same PC and trade from home all day – be it due to the day job or for other reasons.

So, it´s quite helpful that you can install the software on several machines. Yet, you cannot run it on more than one computer simultaneously. If you try to start AgenaTrader on a second computer, you will get a notification that the license key is already used.

In order to have all your settings synchronized, you will have to transfer all your data to the respective other computer. We recommend to use an USB-stick or some hard drive for this purpose. Please make sure that memory size is sufficient.

AgenaTrader can be used on several PCs with the help of Dropbox, Skydrive, Googledrive and so on. Yet we advise against using those services, as these systems are very flawed when synchronizing data from the different computers if one does not proceed correctly. This causes conflicting files to be stored in the directories, which can then lead to AgenaTrader no longer functioning as expected. If you use the software on several computers with the help of one of these tools, we would like to point out that particularly when it comes to installing new versions, massive problems can occur with the conflicting files.

Here you can find out more about installing AgenaTrader on several computers …

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