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8 MustHave tools for trading

On November 21st, 2018, AgenaTrader CEO Gilbert Kreuzthaler and our broker partner CapTrader/FXFlat are inviting you again to a highly interesting webinar. This time you can learn about the MustHave tools for a stable trading, which you can find in the Andromeda version:

The AgenaTrader Andromeda is a version that is perfectly suited for multi brokerage- and multi asset class trading. This high-end platform will automatize you trading to a great extend. With the so called 8 MustHave tools, which allow a for trading essential workflow management, you will be on a par with the institutional traders.

Gilbert Kreuzthaler will introduce them to you in this webinar:

PowerScanner with MultiSignal-Column (AnalyzerEscort)

Drag&Drop Signal Builder (ConditionEscort)

Select&Click Strategy Builder (SetupEscort)

Risk&Money Management Pad


One-Click Strategy Trading

AgenaTrader-Notifier Mobile App


Here you can register …

This webinar will take place in German.

Timetable World Of Trading 2018


In just a few days, the World Of Trading will take place and we are pleased to announce the schedule for the AgenaTrader- and partner-lectures:

Friday, November 23rd, 2018

11.00: Rüdiger Born – Traden with the BORN Style

13.00: Martin Goersch – COT and Seasonalities of gold, silver etc.

15.00: XTB booth – AgenaTrader Mercury and its highlights

16.30: Oliver Najjar – OrderStream, Volume, Dow Theory

Saturday, November 24th, 2018

10.00: Oliver Najjar – OrderStream, Volume, Dow Theory

11.00: Mike Seidl – Dow Theory – the secret of time frames

12.30: Rüdiger Born – Traden with the BORN Style

14.00: Markus Gabel – the key to a stable trading success

15.30: FXFlat/CapTrader booth – OrderStream and Volume

The lectures will take place in German.

At the Pre-Conference on Thursday, November 22nd, you already have the opportunity to look over the shoulders of AgenaTrader-CEO Gilbert Kreuzthaler and other known traders like Martin Goersch and Orkan Kuyas at the FXFlat/CapTrader-LiveTradingEvent.

Here as well as on site you can find all details about the booth locations and seminar rooms.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the lectures and of course to meeting you personally at our AgenaTrader booth no. 23b!

Tip of the week: FAQ – trading or transmission of orders doesn´t work

Did you know that you can find answers and solutions to most of your questions and issues by simply taking a look at our FAQs? For example, there are many users writing to our support team, when they cannot trade or transmit orders to the broker:

In case you cannot transmit orders, you will receive a popup message, telling you the reason for this issue as well as – in most cases – a solution. One reason can be that your mappings are not correct and need to be re-imported, another one that the tick size in the instrument is not set correctly and needs to be readjusted.

In case the trading functionalities are deactivated, you are most likely not connected to your broker account, your account settings for the respective broker are not correct or the desired asset classes and markets are not activated.

Here you can find solutions for said issues with trading or when order transmission doesn´t work.

Answers to questions like this and many more you can find in our FAQsclearly illustrated and even faster than the fastest support team.

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