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Carsten Berger / FXFlat

Pearl diving in DAX, DOW, S&P500, Nasdaq

On Tuesday, December 18th, AgenaTrader education partner Carsten Berger will hold a webinar in cooperation with FXFlat on the subject of

Pearl diving in Dax, Dow, S&P500, Nasdaq 100
Bollinger band and Volume analysis

Carsten Berger will show in this webinar, how he is analysing the situation in the financial markets with a simple method. He is of course using the AgenaTrader and a specific workspace for this.

There will be a bonus for FXFlat-, CapTrader- and AgenaTrader user!

Here you can register …

This webinar will take place in German.

Investorschule – Dow Theory Online Workshop

Trading – just like every other craft – needs to be learned. That´s why our education partner, trading coach Mike Seidl is inviting you to a six-part workshop in December 2018 respectively January 2019.

With this online training this experienced trader will give you important basics for successfully trading the financial markets. You will learn how to correctly appraise the markets, develop suitable trading ideas and minimize the risks in your trading. Mike says, “Enjoy your life financially relaxed. Learn trading from the scratch and generate a steady income.”

A little bonus for all participants of Mike´s previous workshops in Berlin as well as the previous online trainings: for only €20.- you can attend the online training again for refreshment. Those seats are limited, though. In case you are interested, please send a personal email to Mike Seidl: .

In case you still want to join the December-workshop: lateral entrants are welcome!

Here you can find all information about the workshop as well as the registration.

This workshop will take place in German.

AgenaTrader Wintersale –

Save up to 32%!

Once again this year AgenaTrader has festive offers for customers and interested parties. Sweeten the waiting time until Christmas with magic offers like the following:

AgenaTrader Andromeda FXFlat/CapTrader Singlebroker license: € 949.- instead of € 1390.-

AgenaTrader Andromeda RJO Brien Singlebroker license: € 949.- instead of € 1390.-

AgenaTrader Andromeda XTB.DE Singlebroker license: € 949.- instead of € 1390.-

AgenaTrader Andromeda MT Pro Bundle: € 1584.- instead of € 1980.-

AgenaTrader Basic COT Standard Bundle: € 850.- instead of € 980.-

AgenaTrader Basic Volume Bundle: € 998.- instead of € 1180.-

These second to none offers and many more are waiting for you in our shop – only until December 31st, 2018! Make yourself a present and save up to 32%!

Here you can find our Wintersale …

Tip of the week: Education Mode

Did you know that the Education Mode allows you to find information about the software features with just one mouse click?

For new user in AgenaTrader, and all those who want to learn more, or need information about a functionality quickly, we implemented an Education Mode feature. It helps to understand each function in AgenaTrader even faster and better and provides quick access to Wiki without using a browser.

In order to switch to Education Mode please click on the lightbulb button on the main toolbar. When done, near each function name a Bulb button will appear. A click on this button will lead to a function explanation Wiki article in a small extra window.

Find out more about Education Mode in our online help.

Webinar recordings of the week

Mike Seidl: Year-end rally in full swing – this time it´s dancing with the bears (LINK)

The webinar took place in German.

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