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Options in the AgenaTrader – The step into the professional league

Next week, on February 5, you can learn everything about options trading in the AgenaTrader and about the planned steps for a further version. From V2.7.0 you can now trade options directly in the AgenaTrader.

In this webinar, Gilbert Kreuzthaler and Manuel Sonnleithner will explain all new functionalities of this milestone. In addition to basic requirements for trading options in the AgenaTrader you will learn about OptionChain, OptionPad and ChartTrading with options. Also, you will learn everything about MultiOrders / Strike and options indiactors.

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This webinar will take place in German.


The Ruhnau Turning Points AddOn

On February 7, you will have the possibility to get to know the mode of action and the workflow of the “Ruhnau Turning Points” AddOn. This webinar will be hosted by AgenaTrader-Partner Marcus Ruhnau, developer and owner of the AddOn.

The “Ruhnau Turning Points” AddOn is a highly complex and efficient screener for statistically optimized performance trades with stocks and options. On a daily basis, it highly automated extracts only the most promising constellations out of thousands of underlying instruments and displays them with a clear trading signal. Marcus Ruhnau explains, “Combined with an efficient risk management and clear rules, this package supports a highly efficient and mentally reliable trading style, which already has brought numerous traders to impressively increased performances.

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This webinar will take place in German.

Tip of the week: Everything about creating signals with Drag&Drop

Did you know that AgenaTrader is providing you detailed webinars and tutorials that can help you to become an AgenaTrader application specialist?

Today you will learn how you can build signals with Drag&Drop fast and easily. AgenaTrader CEO Gilbert Kreuzthaler will show you in a descriptive way, how you can create conditions in the ConditionEscort. With practical examples you will learn, how to build customized signals with just a few mouseclicks and Drag&Drop – without any programming skills!

Here you can find the webinar recording (only available in German)

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