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OrderStream (Footprint) charts are currently on everyone’s lips and AgenaTrader has not closed its doors to this trend and has set a milestone here as well. AgenaTrader CEO Gilbert Kreuzthaler and COO Manuel Sonnleithner will  personally show you the tools available in AgenaTrader for reading and interpreting order streams.

In addition the high sophisticated volume analysis options are offered by the volume add-on.

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LocationPoint®-Trading at the World of Trading 2019 in Frankfurt

Four crystal-clear trading systems for all market phases

Learn how to recognize and trade all possible market phases using only four crystal-clear trading approaches. Learn to read the chart like a map.

There are many different ways to derive your trading decisions. LocationPoint®-Trading is a method developed to detect signals in the markets when the market reacts to certain recurring factors. The trader’s opponent is not the chart. Opponents of private traders are those who move the chart and the market – in other words, the big money of institutions, hedge funds and investment banks.

The good news, however, is that this money leaves a very clear mark when it flows into the markets. And this is exactly where LocationPoint® trading comes in.

Gilbert Kreuzthaler shows you with his LocationPoint®-AddOns, which have been developed over many years of market observation, how you can analyse markets very efficiently, far away from previously known and conventional approaches. In this seminar you will learn how to find entry points, how to identify targets on the basis of these entry points and how to equip these trades with efficient and suitable stop methods.

Focus of content:
– How to use four signals to find the best reversals and trend sequences at the LocationPoints – exactly at the moment they happen.
– The most efficient initial and trailing stop methods for these signals.
– The Goals – a whole new approach to finding trade exits!
– The most aggressive trading decisions are the safest.
– How do I deal with my risks?

In this seminar you will be shown very clearly that the markets do not function by chance. The markets speak a language and are subject to very understandable rules. Here you will learn how to read the charts like a map and how to translate the signals into strategies.

Target group:
This seminar is particularly suitable for active day traders, swing traders and advanced learners.

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This seminar is taking place in German.

World of Trading 2019 15th – 16th Nov. 2019

Lectures/Meet&Greet at our partners

On the following schedules you can meet our CEO Gilbert in person at the booths for presentations and possible questions.


Friday 15th  13:00: Optimize your trading with efficient signal scanning with AgenaTrader.


Friday 15th  11:00: Meet & Greet

Saturday 16th 10:30: Meet & Greet

Onsite Seminar with Oliver Najjar

on December 4th – 8th.

From 04.12. to 08.12. Oliver Najjar will give a seminar in Düsseldorf directly in the premises of CapTrader. There will be a small group, so there are only 10 places. In a concentrated working atmosphere Oliver Najjar shows you in detail, directly at the live market, all technical conditions, which help to get into successful and professional trading with the “Markt Technik”.

  • Function of order books
  • Derivatives market versus cash market
  • Time units versus trend variables General weather conditions versus signalling systems Entrances and exits
  • Trend trading and movement trading various stop logics
  • Re-entries
  • Sharp technical versus blurred technical trade
  • Market preparation
  • Trading styles versus working styles
  • Money management and diversification
  • Market neutrality
  • Psyche in trade
  • The documentation and evaluation of your own trading are derived in detail and explained in detail.

Following the seminar, there will be an additional online training day on which we will implement everything we have learned and act together. All participants will automatically become members of the internal group free of charge and for an unlimited time.

Learn more about price, booking the seminar and how to reach out to Oliver, please click here…. 

Limited support

on November 14th and 15th

Because of the World of Trading exhibition and a parallel education event of our Sales&Support team, there is only very limited support available on Thursday 14th to Friday 15th. We will fully take care of your requests again on Monday, November 18th.

We thank you for your understanding and wish you happy trading!

Your AgenaTrader SupportTeam

Tip of the week: The Correlation Matrix

With the correlation matrix, you can compare the performance of individual instruments and even entire instrument lists in real-time (!) in any given timeframe. The correlation matrix can be filled with all the instruments you wish; you can even compare instruments from various asset classes with each other

Main Features

You receive the newly developed correlation matrix module, in which you can choose between the matrix or the list view.The correlation coefficient is calculated in real-time, and extreme values are automatically highlighted in color.

The module also includes a chart in which the two symbols that you have selected in the matrix or the list are automatically loaded – the main symbol as a normal chart, the second instrument as a “second data series” as a line chart.

In addition, the InstrumentCorrelation indicator is displayed, which shows the development of the correlation of these two values to each other over time.

With this chart, therefore, you have a visual overview right away of the correlation of these two instruments – there is no more innovative, effective way to carry out the correlation analysis!

  • Calculation of the correlation between individual instruments and whole instrument lists
  • Correlation coefficient for any asset classes you desire, plus their historical development – a combination of various asset classes is possible too!
  • Innovative correlation chart with second data series and correlation indicator for visual correlation analysis

Find further setting options and detailed instructions for the Correlation Matrix AddIn here in our Online Help as well as here in the video tutorial.

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