OrderStream Charts

OrderStream charts are a multi-dimensional type of candlestick chart that can provide an investor with additional variables for technical analysis beyond just price.

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Seasonality AddOn

OrderStream Trading AddIn

Use the OrderStream Add-In to analyze Volume patterns of any and all asset classes – the Volume can be calculated for each financial instrument that is available in AgenaTrader where Times&Sales and Level2 information is provided by the datafeed.

OrderStream – Pad

Like for many other features, we are also providing a special pad for OrderStreams.

You can selected the various OrderStream-Bar Types

  • Disparity (Imbalance)
  • AskBid-Size
  • AskBid-Volume
  • AskBid-Volume Delta

Various coloring, painting and font Options

Price level and Volume settings

History selection

OrderStream Indicator Selection and Settings

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Seasonality Standard Indicator

DOM/QuickTrader – Pad

The DOM and QuickTrader are the ideal supplement for volume trading.

As an integrated trading pad, the DOM price ladder provides an excellent overview of the price action including the time & sales stream.
The cumulative volume next to the DOM shows very clearly where the volume is clustered within the current trading session.

AT++-One Click Strategy Trading gives you the advantage you need in trading.

  • Reacting quickly to rapidly changing volumes figures
  • Setting strategies with one click in the DOM or in the Quick-Trader.
  • Risk optimized setups and every comfort AT++ offers.
Seasonality Prediction Indicator

Further Volume Analyzer Features

Seasonality Strength Indicator

AgenaTrader already offers many volume analysis tools in the feature-reduced versions.

  • Volume PriceStyles
  • Candle volume
  • EquiVolume
  • EquiVolumeShadow

With the PriceStyles you can already determine the volume behavior of the candles in the chart.
The Volume PriceStyles are the ideal supplement to the following volume indicators which are already on board for free.

  • VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price)
  • VOLMA (Volume Moving Average)
  • Volume Profiles
  • Volume Up Down
  • VROC (Volume Rate of Change)

The Volume Package – the advanced Analysis Tools

The Volume-Package contains all the advanced Indicators a professional volume trader needs for the market analysis.

  • Volume Area
  • Volume Chart-Profile
  • Volume Session Pro
  • Volume UpDown Ratio
  • Volume Graph
  • Volume Sentiment Long/Short
  • Volume Zone Oscillator
  • and some more

The Volume AddOn also contains volume based Conditions ( Signals) like

  • Stopping Volume
  • Two Bar Reversal Up/Down
  • Hidden UpTrust
  • and some more
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Seasonality Strength Indicator