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Gilbert Kreuzthaler
Gilbert KreuzthalerCEO

After working for several years as a banker, Gilbert pursued further education and graduated from a technical school for computer science and business informatics.

Following this, Gilbert worked for around 20 years as a software engineer, requirements manager, project manager and external project consultant for various international software and financial service groups such as: BAWAG/PSK Austria, Ceska Sporitelna, Unisys International, Allianz Austria/Suisse and Allianz SE.

In 1999 he started to focus on EOD swing trading, and after receiving a professional trading education in Germany and New York, he gradually switched to intraday trading.

In 2007/2008 he traded for a US-based prop trading firm for approximately 1.5 years.

As the founder and CEO of AgenaTrader.com, Gilbert is responsible for the architecture and design of AgenaTrader Neptune and the development of the components that support trading with AgenaTrader++, as well as for the worldwide launch of the trading platform and its upcoming services.

B2B / B2C / PR

Manuel S
Manuel SCOO - Head of Operations
Manuel joined AgenaTrader in 2015 in the customer support department, since 2017 he was responsible for the project management of numerous in-house AddOns (COT, Volume, Seasonality, LocationPoints) as Head of AddOn Development.

In the summer of 2018, he completed his bachelor’s degree in economics at WU Vienna (specializing in Finance & International Business) and has been Head of Operations for AgenaTrader ever since.

As a private trader, Manuel has been active in the financial markets for 8 years and specializes in LocationPoint trading and selling future-options based on COT-data.

Manuel now holds a C-level position in the company as a junior partner.

Alkestis Z
Alkestis ZPR
Alkestis originally worked as a pedagogic with focus on educating the highly gifted. As part of additional trainings she earned a degree as Business Coach and extended her proficiencies in the area of competence development and self-improvement as well as individual goal orientation and communication training.

Her distinct interest in investing, stock exchange and trading psychology finally led Alkestis’ path to AgenaTrader, where she is boosting the team with her particular skills in the field of PR work.

Lizzie WW
Lizzie WWTranslator & interpreter
Motivated by her strong interest in languages, Lizzie obtained her bachelor’s degree in “transcultural communication” at Vienna University in March 2014 and has since been gaining experience translating in various subject areas.

She joined AgenaTrader in mid-2014 and has been supporting the team in the implementation of the software in the English-speaking world ever since. Lizzie loves to travel, speaks German and Spanish fluently alongside her native English and is currently attempting to teach herself Italian!

Dejan M
Dejan MIT-Infrastructure / B2B
Following training at Kapsch AG to become an IT specialist, Dejan has subsequently implemented numerous projects in the position of project manager.

After this, Dejan worked for Tele2UTA and ACP IT Solutions. As a trader, he has dedicated himself to studying technical analysis as well as market technique. His focus within these issues lies in the technically correct execution of signals. In February 2014, his passion for trading lead him to AgenaTrader.

He is responsible for B2B as well as technical infrastructure.

Quality Assurance

Aleksandar M
Aleksandar MHead of QA and Project Management
After obtaining his bachelor’s degree at the University of Novi Sad, Aleks took his first steps in the business world as an export manager in the steel industry.

There he spent three years exporting steel products and occasionally analyzing London Metal Exchange prices for exporting purposes.

In 2013 he left the black steel industry, enrolling in a master’s degree at the University of Ljubljana (Business Informatics) and starting new employment where he acquired experience in the field of IT project management.

He spent the last semester of his education at the Vienna University of Economics, which is where the first contact with AgenaTrader was established.

He has been working in Quality Assurance since March 2015, and is now in charge of the department.

Sofia N
Sofia NQA Management
Sofia joined the AgenaTrader team as a QA engineer in 2015.
Sofia has excellent critical thinking. In some ways, this became the reason that she chose her current occupation. For one year, Sofia worked with different projects mostly connected with trading.

She improved her skills in black box testing. Sofia is experienced in installation, functional, performance, regression, and compatibility testing.

Sofia graduated from a Technical University. She has a master’s degree with honors in Computer Sciences.

Sofia takes part in social activities and was co-organizer of several educational conferences, including IT-oriented events.

Nicolas B
Nicolas BQA Management
Nicolas graduated from Pedagogical University. At that time Nicolas got very interested in IT.
For three years, he worked as a Media Analytic in an international company.
He worked on projects for companies like Samsung, Nestle, Renault and Adidas.

Nicolas joined the AgenaTrader team as a support manager in 2016 and is supervising the English Support and responsible for trouble shooting and reproduction of Support tickets.

He is a bright, talented and ambitious IT technician with a strong technical
background who possesses self-discipline.


Nazarii P
Nazarii PHead of Development
Nazarii has a strong knowledge of mathematics and algorithms, object-oriented design and design patterns, along with a large amount of experience in software architecture design, multithreading, parallel programming and network programming.

During the last 5 years, he has been working with .NET/C# related technologies in trading and enterprise projects. He also has experience working with Windows Forms, WPF, WCF, ADO.NET, Linq, Entity Framework and trading APIs such as Barchart, Interactive Brokers, MBTrading, TeleTrader, Dukascopy, IQFeed and so on.

In his position at AgenaTrader.com he leads the development of the AgenaTrader Basic trading platform, administers technical connections to the brokers and manages technical implementations.

Oleg H
Oleg HDevelopment
Oleg joined the AgenaTrader team in 2016. He is continuously improving his knowledge of trading.
During his studies at a Technical University, Oleg was interested in Math and Cyber Security.

He spent a lot of time gaining extensive knowledge and experience in object-oriented design, algorithms, design patterns, software architecture design, multithreading, parallel, concurrent, and network programming. Oleg has a master’s degree with honors in Computer Science.

Oleg has been working with .NET/C# related technologies, WinForms, WPF, Entity Framework, MVVM and Async/await for two years. He has profound knowledge in C++ and JavaScript.

Andrew H
Andrew HDevelopment
Andrew joined the AgenaTrader team in 2017 as .Net developer.
He is continuously improving his knowledge of trading tricks and software engineering such as design patterns or algorithms. Andrew is the specialist on Orderstream and also responsible for the API Development
Andrew has been working with .NET and C# related technologies: WinForms, Entity Framework, RestSharp, Xml and Json serialization, also he has deep knowledge in Java and JavaScript programming and working with many databases: MySql, Sqlite, SqlServer.
He spent a lot of time getting knowledge and experience how to work with trading APIs: ForexWare, DukasCopy, CQG, Rithmic, InteractiveBrokers,…
Eugen M
Eugen MDevelopment
Eugen joined to AgenaTrader team in 2016. He studied at the University of Economics with the direction – software of automated systems. He is continuously improving his skill in web development and Linux administration.

Eugen is the Head developer of TradersYard.

During the last 2 years, he has been developing with Laravel Framework, Angular, NodeJS and Typescript. Also, he has deep knowledge of LXC and Docker administration.