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Trading platform multi-timeframe

Broker Technologies

Choosing the brokers and/or data feeds is a fundamental decision. Selecting a suitable broker requires careful consideration
of the question: what would you like to trade?
If you have not yet selected the broker or data feed, you should ask yourself several questions, for instance:

  • In which time frames would you like to trade (do you need tick data, for example: yes/no)?
  • How are the broker’s spreads/fees constructed?
  • Which types of instruments does the broker provide (CFDs, Forex, shares, futures, etc.)?

A broker’s platform always represents the reference platform. (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT)
This means that orders and money-related values that are shown on the broker’s platform are valid.
Always leave the broker’s platform running alongside AgenaTrader as a backup. The broker’s platform gives you an essential overview of the interaction between AgenaTrader and your broker.
And with this, you always know exactly how your orders/positions – and potentially your account balance – are displayed.

We would like to provide a basic overview below, so that you can then carefully consider all your broker and data feed options:

Mercury Partner Brokers

CapTrader AgenaTrader
CapTrader AgenaTrader
FX-FLat AgenaTrader
Dukascopy AgenaTrader
Dukascopy AgenaTrader
XTB AgenaTrader
XTB AgenaTrader

Partner Brokers

AMP Trading AgenaTrader
BANX Broker
Dukascopy Agena Platform
Foremost Trading AgenaTrader
Halifax America AgenaTrader
Stage 5 Trading AgenaTrader
Optimus Futures AgenaTrader
Trade Futures 4 Less AgenaTrader

Technology Providers

AgenaTrader Gain
AgenaTrader Interactive Brokers
AgenaTrader CQG
AgenaTrader Rithmic

Market data

Barchart AgenaTrader
IQ Feed AgenaTrader
TeleTrader AgenaTrader

Educational platform coaches:

Carsten Berger trading coach
AgenaTrader Education

Premium Trading coaches:

Trading coach Martin Görsch
Trading education by BORN Traders
Trading education by Mike Seidl
AgenaTrader Coach Carsten Berger
Trading coach Carsten Umland
ATT-Trading Education
Trading education by Martin Rimes
Trading coach Nils Gajowiy
Trading education by Saul Shaoul
Trading education by Steve Nison
Oliver Najjar trading coach
Trading education by Mario Lueddemann

AgenaScript Strategy, Indicator, Condition Development

Trading strategy development
Trading strategy development