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Seasonality  AddOn

Seasonality plays an important and impactful role which influences the markets. Determining market seasonality has never been this easy. AgenaTrader Seasonality AddOn puts a chart’s seasonal tendencies at your fingertips.

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Seasonality AddOn

Seasonality Trading Software

Use the SeasonalityStandard Add-On to analyze the seasonal patterns of any and all asset classes – the seasonality can be calculated for each financial instrument that is available in AgenaTrader.

Seasonality Standard Indicator

Seasonality Standard Indicator

This indicator is the key component of the Seasonality analysis, which calculates the seasonality using the entire history available in the chart. With the SeasonalityStandard indicator, you can have the seasonality calculated in all End-of-Day timeframes

Seasonality Prediction Indicator

Seasonality Prediction Indicator

The SeasonalityPredictionStandard is based on the calculation of the SeasonalityStandard indicator. Instead of displaying the seasonality in a separate indicator panel, here, the predicted price development based on the seasonality is displayed directly in the chart.

Seasonality Strength Indicator

Instrument Strength Indicator

With this indicator, you can very effectively compare the most diverse markets with each other. For each instrument that you add via the parameter settings, the performance is calculated.