AgenaTrader Newsletter / week 27/2020

Swing-Trading Intensive Workshop

September 26th and 27th in Dortmund

On September 26th and 27th, 2020 our AgenaTrader partners, TradingCoaches Martin Goersch and Mike Seidl invite you to a Swing-Trading Intensive Workshop, which you should not miss!

Mike explains, “It has never been easier for private traders and investors to work on the capital markets completely independent of bank advisors. If you want to do this successfully, you need a good education and practical experience”. Martin adds, “Especially part-time traders benefit from a time-optimized approach. This allows you to build up or expand your portfolio with an optimal time and risk budget and thus generate part or all of your income as a trader in the long term”.

The two-day Swing-Trading Intensive Workshop gives you a step-by-step introduction to the basics you need for successful trading in the capital markets. All important details about the workshop can be found here.

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This workshop will take place in German.

10 steps to become an AgenaTrader expert – part 9

On July 9th, the nineth part of the biweekly education series “AgenaTrader – 10 steps to become an AgenaTrader expert” will take place. This time you will learn everything about “SetupEscort”.

In this webinar you will get to know the SetupEscort. You will learn how to define, activate and deactivate fully functional setups via this functionality. This webinar series addresses new users and interested parties as well as existing user who want to brush up and deepen their skills in successfully using the AgenaTrader. All webinars will be hosted by AgenaTrader education partner Udo Müller.

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These webinars will take place in German.

Webinar recordings of the week:

How to build the ideal trading signal

This week you will learn everything about the ThreeWeeksCloseSignal and Continuation Gaps.

Here you can find the recording (only available in German) …

Tip of the week: Creating signals in the ConditionEscort

Did you know that AgenaTrader is providing you detailed webinars that will teach you step by step how to use the AgenaTrader in a timesaving and savvy way?

In this webinar you will get to know the ConditionEscort. You will learn how this function allows you to create signals fast and easily with just a few mouse clicks and Drag&Drop.

Here you can find the webinar (only available in German) …

Summer greetings

Valued customers, dear AgenaTrader users,

After an undoubtedly dramatic start to the year, the upcoming summer holidays lure with the promise of relaxation, sunshine and joyful hours with friends and family.

We wish you a great start into a relaxing and wonderful summer!

Stay healthy!

Your AgenaTrader Team

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