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Cross Strategies GmbH, AUSTRIA

AgenaTrader.com reserves the right to change, add or delete information and services or cease the internet presence entirely without advance notice. Furthermore, AgenaTrader.com reserves the right to limit or cease the usage of individual features, functionalities or services or to limit the access to parts of or the entire internet presence without advance notice.

The user is responsible for the usage of these webpages. The user alone is responsible for the risk of losses that can occur when downloading, connecting and using the contents of the website. With this in mind, AgenaTrader.com is not responsible or liable, except to the extent that liability under any applicable law or regulations cannot be excluded and to the extent of its own willful misconduct or gross negligence.

AgenaTrader.com is not liable for inaccurate information, errors or delayed information, contents or services, nor for missing information, contents or services or their wrongful transmission, nor for damages resulting from the abovementioned problems. In particular, AgenaTrader.com is not liable for events upon which it has no influence (force majeure).

Copyright and trademarks

AgenaTrader.com strives to respect the copyright of graphics, sound documents, video sequences and texts used in publications, unless the data mentioned was created by AgenaTrader.com and/or uses license-free graphics, sound documents, video sequences or texts. All labels and trademarks named in the internet presence, including those provided by third parties, are subject to the conditions and provisions of the trademark rights and the ownership rights of the registered owners. The mere mention of a brand name does not imply that a brand label is not protected by the rights of a third party! The copyright of published objects created by AgenaTrader.com belongs to AgenaTrader.com alone. Duplication of these graphics, sound documents, video sequences or texts in electronic, print, or any other media i.e. publications are forbidden without express agreement from AgenaTrader.com.

Market information

1) Usage
All market information provided (incl. quotes, charts, technical indicators etc.) on the AgenaTrader.com website is intended to be used for private purposes only. Any commercial use is forbidden unless there is an agreement with AgenaTrader.com for commercial usage.

2) Passing on and duplications
Passing on and duplication of market information, whether complete or partial or in an abridged version (especially messages about quotes and charts) is forbidden, unless there is a legal contract of agreement between AgenaTrader.com and the duplicating party.

3) Duplication and publishing
It is not permitted to copy or publish market information or to use it in any other media, including print media.

4) Saving of data
All variations of saving of market information are forbidden.

5) Conversion of data
It is forbidden to convert market information data into other data formats.

Electronic attack

Any electronic attack on the AgenaTrader.com webpages or its web page server is forbidden.
Any electronic attack on the AgenaTrader.com webpages or its web page server can be pursued according to civilian and criminal law, independently of whether damage resulted from this attack or not.
In particular, electronic attacks consist of:

  • Any influence on the webpages that affects the functionalities or damages or changes the contents
  • Any influence on the webpage server that affects the functionalities or damages or changes the contents
  • Intentional spreading or execution of damaging programs or spy programs (e.g. viruses, Trojan, worms, spy bots etc.)
  • Brute force attacks or similar measures
  • Use of hard- or software to read data
  • Requesting web pages with the help of technical tools, especially those tools that bring about a high or regular frequency of page requests

Use of technical means

It is forbidden to visit AgenaTrader.com via an anonymous proxy server or webserver.

References and links

AgenaTrader.com is only liable for references and links to foreign webpages outside the area of responsibility of AgenaTrader.com if it has knowledge of the contents and possesses the technical possibility to limit or stop these contents in the case that they do not respect legal rights law.

AgenaTrader.com declares that at the point in time in which the links and references were published, the webpages were free of illegal content.
AgenaTrader.comhas no influence over the current versions or future versions of the webpages that are linked to AgenaTrader.com. It distances itself from links and references to web pages that have been changed after the links were published. This provision is valid for all links and references within the AgenaTrader.com internet presence.
The webpage providers of specific webpages are responsible and liable for illegal, incomplete or false contents and in particular for damages that occur through using or not using their internet offerings, not the webpage provider who merely links or uses this webpages as a reference.

Violation of the agreement of use

In the case of a violation of the agreement of use or suspicion of abuse, AgenaTrader.com is authorized to block the user’s access to paid services of the online presence without advance notice and/or to pursue the user according to civilian or criminal law. If a violation of the agreement of use results in damages to AgenaTrader.com, it reserves the right to apply legal rights laws for damage compensation. In case of claims for damages against AgenaTrader.com by third parties resulting from the unauthorized use of the online service, the user agrees to indemnify and hold AgenaTrader.com harmless from and against such claims. If the user is responsible for third party user violation and charges that occur due to the third party usage, the user must pay these charges.
– End of terms of use