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Testimonial of a Pro-Trader:

Martin Goersch on AgenaTrader

There are at least as many different reasons to choose the AgenaTrader as there are features in this platform. While one might like the intuitive and user-friendly interface, another one might take pleasure in the possibilities of specific tools.

But what induces a professional trader to put his trust in this software and choose it as his trading tool? Read why Pro-Trader, TraderCoach and long-standing AgenaTrader partner Martin Goersch has been a loyal and enthusiastic AgenaTrader user for years and how this platform even inspired him to develop his own AddOns.

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Upcoming events

Take part and vote: today, on October 24, AgenaTrader and broker partner CapTrader are inviting you to the first event of their new webinar series: “How to build the ideal trading signal”

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This webinar is taking place in German.

Limited support

on November 1

Due to All Saint´s Day, there is only very limited support available on November 1. We will take care of your requests again on Monday, November 4.

We thank you for your understanding and wish you a peaceful holiday!

Your AgenaTrader SupportTeam

Tip of the week: The DynamicScanner AddIn

Did you know that in the AgenaTrader you have the DynamicScanner available that allows you to have all signals at a glance?

You can open the ChartGallery via „Main -> New -> ChartContainer -> DynamicScanner“ and selecting a template from the list. As soon as the Dynamic Scanner opens up, it automatically collects all available signals that are active in one of your opened charts or chart groups. By default, it searches according to all Analyzer Sessions, i.e. every signal that you have activated in one of your Analyzer Sessions. Your advantage is that now you only need to focus on one tab, which allows you to place your orders fast and easily as you don´t have to switch between several tabs to check your signals.

Find further setting options and detailed instructions for the DynamicScanner AddIn here in our Online Help as well as here in the video tutorial.

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