Felix UFelix U
At this point, I would also like to express my appreciation for the work of Mr. Kreuzthaler and his development and support team. Amazing job.I wish you much power and energy for continuing to advance the development of AT. For me it is the best trading tool.Many greetings
Michael KMichael K
Many heartfelt thanks. At this point I would also like to praise the top-notch support that is received here in the forum! Keep it up
Dr.Harold LDr.Harold L
As an AgenaTrader beginner, I have now availed myself of your help so many times and would like to express my heartfelt thanks for the competent and timely advice!Thanks and all the best from Bodensee
You are a great team, thank you very much for the fast answer.
Simon PSimon P
You have a great product starting up here! All the best
Roger ZRoger Z
It is simply a pleasure and a joy to start each day with and to work with AgenaTrader. So fast with keyboard shortcuts and very useful functions… no other software even comes close to offering this! Thank you Greetings from Sarnen (Switzerland)
Michael KMichael K
Dear AgenaTrader team,Yesterday, in my search for trading software better suited to my needs and my trading style, I came across AgenaTrader, and at first glance it already looks very promising. I am intrigued by the fast screening process, the conditions for the filtering and the integrated money management in particular.

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