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AgenaTrader Testimonial – Andreas Kohl, Retail Trader


Since 2005, I have been involved in the subject of “trading”. Through regular visits to seminars by various hosts on the topics of trading, psychology and software, I have been able to gain a great deal of experience. In the process, alongside studying the basic knowledge, addressing trading strategies and risk and money management, I have become acquainted with a wide variety of trading platforms and broker providers. In doing so, I have identified in part substantial differences in the areas of price-performance ratio, technology, and service/support.

Therefore it stood to reason that I wanted to participate right from the start of AgenaTrader’s introduction. And to see from the get-go whether this new software could offer advantages compared with already existing trading software. I was able to get to know the software from its very early days, and have watched it “growing” ever since. What was at the start still just a vision of the CEO has matured over the years to become a powerful, professional trading platform. In a specifically set-up forum, the users were able to receive support, discuss questions and report software errors. This resulted in the software becoming more and more sophisticated, and meant that updates could be implemented in a user-friendly way. Now AgenaTrader has already “matured” and the AgenaTrader team can look proudly back at its work and development so far.

Along with the right risk and money management, the foundation for long-lasting successful trading is also the mindset of the trader, a successful trading strategy, a reliable and affordable broker, as well as professional and reliable software as the basis. Here, AgenaTrader supports and helps the user with the daily trading routine. The software can be customized to meet one’s own personal needs in a very individual way. It relieves the user of a large part of the work routine, thereby saving a huge amount of time. Distractions are minimized, meaning that one’s attention can be directed toward important decisions in the workflow. The software screens countless values and offers automatic stop placement (market technique); with AT++, setups run according to pre-defined conditions and a multi-broker connection is also available. This has bestowed the software with great additional value. The user can choose between various brokers and asset classes as well as a range of data providers. It is also possible to trade with different brokers simultaneously. In addition, the AddOns that are now also offered provide the trader with further meaningful support in his or her own trading.

When using the software, the trader is accompanied by a large number of video tutorials, the AT support, documentation of the software in an extensive WIKI and many free webinars.

All in all, I no longer want to do without AgenaTrader. The frequent switching between providers and the testing of trading platforms, as well as the disappointments and limitations associated with this, are now a thing of the past. With AgenaTrader, one can work reliably and concentrate on the essentials, thereby dedicating one’s time to the principal tasks of the actual trading itself. In the next few years, AgenaTrader will surely continue to gain in importance. It is only a shame that the AgenaTrader software is a “Windows version”. As an Apple user, the only possibility here is to work with a VPS, VM or Bootcamp.

I am very much looking forward to the future developments of AgenaTrader. Thanks to the many ideas within the AgenaTrader brand and to further future innovations yet to be implemented, this software will become a necessary tool for successful traders. As a further priority, in the near future I would request an improvement to and expansion of the trading journal with graphic evaluation possibilities.

Andreas Kohl

Andreas Kohl, Retail Trader

“The frequent switching between providers and the testing of trading platforms, as well as the disappointments and limitations associated with this, are now a thing of the past.”