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AgenaTrader Testimonial – Carsten Umland, Professional Trader

Carsten Umland studied business administration and has been trading on the stock exchange for over 10 years. His trading style is based on market technique as well as his own long-standing experience. As a trader, he trades shares and futures, and passes on his comprehensive knowledge through custom-tailored individual coaching.

His pragmatic approach to the stock exchange has made him a greatly appreciated speaker and author. After working in the field of marketing and as company consultant in different business locations in various European countries, Carsten Umland now lives in Germany. On his website,, he regularly publishes his thoughts about trading.

Why AgenaTrader?

It is not easy to find good trading software and brokers. In this context, personal requirements play a significant role whilst learning to trade. Since the AgenaTrader software is able to adapt itself to your trading style, it gives you the greatest possible freedom.

Constructive collaboration and individual design have given rise to software that represents an absolute novelty in the market. In particular, the integration of the COT Report together with the resulting trading decisions is unrivaled in Europe. The creators of AgenaTrader have perfectly replicated my trading style.