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AgenaTrader Testimonial – Daniel Saub, Retail Trader

Besides an effective trading strategy, anyone who wants to trade successfully in the long term on the stock exchange also needs professional trading software. For this is the most important requirement for trading with shares, futures and other financial instruments. If the program does not run stably or if other important applications are missing, then this causes a negative performance. I have to be able to rely on my trading platform. This applies not only to the stability of the program, but also to the functionality.

I have already used many different trading platforms in the past. Most programs of this kind always constituted a compromise for me. Either the software was not user-friendly enough, or important functions were missing.

This is why for me, good trading software must definitely be reliable and individually applicable. AgenaTrader fulfills both of these criteria and much more.

Because the program interface makes a very tidy expression even at first glance. It does not overwhelm me with useless design elements, but instead concentrates on its actual focus.

I have been using AgenaTrader in the Andromeda version from the very beginning.

In this version, it supports me immensely in my trading decisions.

Thanks to various signal generators I was able to significantly improve the quality of the entries and, what’s more, minimize my risk when trading.

Of course the time also plays a large role for me in trading. As a day and swing trader, I predominantly trade US shares.

That is why as of now, the integrated End-of-Day scanner takes on the search for suitable setups. Using my individual settings, it shows me all fundamental stocks and I avoid the need to buy additional software as well as saving valuable time.

AgenaTrader is consistently being refined and supplemented with new, useful applications.

I would particularly like to point out the “Economic Calendar”. This tool is very advantageous for prognoses and market assessments.

Via the interface, I can add in my own scripts, strategies and indicators without any programming knowledge. In the List Chart Group I see all the important shares that are important for my trading, and the multi-timeframe view for any and every instrument.

I can adjust all the individual elements of the software to fit my personal needs without a problem. Just a few clicks are enough to do so.

A further great plus point of AgenaTrader: the trading platform does not just work with one specific broker, but with several well-known brokers. This means that I do not need an extra trading platform for each broker or data provider, and I have everything clearly arranged in one program.

In contrast to other trading systems, AgenaTrader runs smoothly and without problems on my computer. Even after several hours, there is no decline in performance. Although the software is very complex, it barely puts a strain on my working memory or my processor.

Due to the wide variety that AgenaTrader offers, I really recommend every trading beginner who is searching for suitable trading software to definitely give AgenaTrader a try. Because everyone has the option to use the simulated trading account and receive a glimpse into trading without risk. If you need further information or tips for the individual functions, you can use the menu to refer to the extensive offline and online help. In addition, you profit from a superb support team and many informative webinars as well as seminars. This guidance is especially practical for beginners; here you have the chance to use the substantial education offered by the AgenaTrader partners to train to become a professional trader.

AgenaTrader is made for this, and of course it is definitely worth its purchase price. As we all know, quality costs money, and especially in trading, one should not do without the most important instrument in the form of a professional trading platform.

For all those who are undecided, there is the free-of-charge demo version. This greatly helped me in my decision.

Testimonial AgenaTrader Daniel Saub

“[..]I have been using AgenaTrader in the Andromeda version from the very beginning.[..]”