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AgenaTrader Testimonial – Frank Abing, Retail Trader


As a result of my education to become a savings bank officer, from 1993 – 1996, I made contact with the financial markets early on and developed great interest in these. My first share that I bought as an “investor” was the stock of the Dresdner Bank AG. Back then I still had to inconveniently fill out buy and sell orders at the savings bank in order to have a transaction carried out. What was daily routine back then, what as an investor seemed fitting to my investment horizon and what was generally viewed as progressive is today, fortunately, no longer in existence.

In times of increasingly dynamic markets, in which you get the impression that you have to outdo yourself daily just to keep up with the mass of institutional traders, big asset managers and numerous private traders, you would no longer have a chance of existing in today’s markets with this kind of “investing” or “trading”, be it as the kind of “investor” that I was back then, or as a “trader” whose diverse strategies I follow today.

I made the shift from “investor” to “trader” relatively late, in the year 2013, by means of a subscription to a trading service. At the time, a multitude of different charting tool providers, trading platforms, data feed providers and brokers with various product ranges were available on the market.

But which were the providers best suited to me? This is why in the past, I used various charting tool providers, several trading platforms – two house banks and three online brokers – and also in connection with this, several data feed providers. Yet as a kind of “stand-alone solution”, all programs mentioned represented a compromise in one way or another for me, since each piece of software was either missing important functions or the user-friendliness was insufficient. One general deficiency that all products I had used up until then had in common was the lack of an “integrated solution”. By this I mean that until that point, I had not found a software solution that integrated the various “stand-alone solutions” with each other. By subscribing to a further market technique-related trading service, I became aware of AGENATRADER:

All this, and much more of what had been missing for me in the “stand-alone solutions” that I had used up to that point, is supported by AGENATRADER, in particular the “integrated software solution” of the individual software systems that until now had worked separately from each other, and that I had been searching high and low for. With this, it is now possible for me to operate all trading aspects (charting, data feed and brokerage) from one piece of software, AGENATRADER. I have been using AGENATRADER in the Andromeda version from the very beginning.

Using AGENATRADER as a multi-broker trading platform as well as multi-data feed software, it is possible for me to connect to and address several brokers and data feed providers with the respective instruments simultaneously.

Furthermore, AGENATRADER offers fully integrated risk and money management for, amongst other things, every connected broker. For me, this means that the often time-consuming and also error-prone manual risk and position size calculation for each new trade to be entered is no longer necessary.

The extensive selection of AddOns that I have implemented in AGENATRADER, e.g. the Market Technique, DowHow, Umland and Born AddOn, provides me with the opportunity to use the most diverse signal services – Market Technique, DowHow, COT Report, OpenInterest, Elliott waves and Fibonacci – for a low-risk entry into a trade.

What’s more, AGENATRADER offers me comprehensive possibilities for managing entered trades using not only hard trail stops but also soft trail stops in a meaningful way. I could no longer do without AGENATRADER’s soft trail stop logic, because this system – based on closing prices – often prevents other market participants from “fishing stop loss markers”.

Overall, for myself I can say that thanks to AGENATRADER making it possible to operate all trading aspects of charting, data feed connection and brokerage from out of one software, my trading has improved in terms of quality. In addition, the time that I spend in front of the computer has been substantially reduced. Using AGENATRADER has also made it possible for me to reduce the risk of incorrect trades and increase the chances of profits.

AGENATRADER is supervised by a very good support team, and is also consistently being further developed and rounded out with new, useful applications. Thanks to its professional properties, AGENATRADER is a very powerful tool, and one that can be very well mastered and flexibly adapted to suit my personal needs with just a few clicks.

This is why for me:

Frank Abing

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“AGENATRADER is supervised by a very good support team, and is also consistently being further developed and rounded out with new, useful applications”