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AgenaTrader Testimonial – Manuel Sonnleithner, Retail Trader

AgenaTrader, my hardworking little helper

Reliability – the basic requirement made by all traders of their trading software. A trader must be able to rely on his or her software one hundred percent!

I am a student at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, 20 years old, and I have been fighting a fierce battle with the market for four years now, which, until recently, I sugarcoated for myself by naming it “trading”. My trading was controlled by feelings, I could not get away from wanting to be constantly active.

“A trader’s primary objective can only be to bring stability into his or her trading and to resolve the battle with one’s own psyche.”

These two lines sound nice and are easy to read, but in order to really understand and accept them, it has taken me years.

It was exactly this stability that just did not want to establish itself in my trading. I simply could not calm my psyche, clinging to every single candle, to every wobble in even the smallest trend sizes. Thanks to AgenaTrader, I have been able to take a large step towards greater stability.

AgenaTrader places my stops with wonderfully emotionless sovereignty, such that I know I will not possess for a long time to come. With each and every one of my earlier trades, there came a point at which I became nervous. I interpreted every period and cast aside every decision to place a stop at the slightest wobble of the price. My psyche ate away at my results! My uncontrolled emotions cost me a lot of money and pushed me to the edge of madness at the same time. AgenaTrader was the salvation for me, my mind and my trading.

Finally I could outsource the stop placement to an automatism that did not allow itself to be blinded by the charts. In addition to this, the soft stop protects me from irritatingly being taken out of the market by unnecessary spikes, which also brings a pleasant emotional relief along with it.

This very clearly makes the biggest winner my psyche, thanks to AgenaTrader. But not only that, my work style is also profiting enormously from the new software. I can finally concentrate completely on the search for my favorite setup, outsourcing all other tasks to my faithful little helper – AgenaTrader.

My little helper manages my positions, keeps my trading journal, screens thousands of values according to my wishes and sends me an email whenever my price goal is reached.

AgenaTrader is my faithful companion on the stony path all the way from the wounded, emotion-driven beginner to the rationally thinking being that at the end of the journey, in the hopefully not-too-far future, may call itself an advanced trader.

The trading software is the foundation of every trader. It must offer support and provide stability. AgenaTrader offers me exactly this by supporting me in every step of my daily trading routine. Even when I am in the middle of exam stress and cannot find any time to take a look at the charts, I can rest assured knowing that my stop is sitting in the right place!

AgenaTrader offers me reliability and stability – on the one hand as software that has, so far, run completely without crashing, and on the other hand thanks to the automatic stop shifting that I can rely on even when I am on holiday. This reliability is worth its weight in gold!

I have compared many software providers in order to find the best and most beneficial trading environment for myself. The crucial factor for my decision was not just one single program feature, but the whole package. A wealth of functions that I no longer want to do without in my daily trading. But also, in particular, the pleasant and intuitive use of the software: the most advanced charting including the ingenious action bar, appealing program interface, great screening – what more could the trader’s heart desire?

The mornings comprise a quick screening before my lectures, the evenings a quick position check. Now that is trading with state-of-the-art technology!

And what’s much more important: that is relaxed trading! And relaxed trading, that is the very best of trading – it doesn’t get better than this! AgenaTrader reduces time spent in front of the computer and spares my nerves. This is the trading of today.

Thank you – AgenaTrader is a fantastic product! Keep up the good work!

All the best from an enthusiastic AT user,

Manuel Sonnleithner

P.S.: Since I am a market technician, I think it’s great that you have got Markus Gabel on board with AgenaTrader! And I would also like to take the opportunity to praise the trading days – very informative and interesting events!

Manuel Sonnleithner - Testimonial AgenaTrader

“[..]AgenaTrader is a fantastic product[..]”