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AgenaTrader Testimonial – Martin Goersch: Coach, Author and Portfolio Manager

  • Professional down to the hair tip

Since the end of the 90s I have been intensively involved with the international financial markets. During my studies I wrote my thesis about the development of the stock exchanges in Shanghai and Shenzhen, against the background of the influence of the CPC on the market. The topic is as topical today as it was at this time…

Meanwhile I am not only a full-time trader and trading coach, but am also responsible for a managed account of a Swiss asset management company.

  • Preferred trading instruments

In addition to classic stocks and currencies, futures in particular are part of my standard trading repertoire.

  • Coaching and Co

In order to pass on my knowledge to predominantly private traders and investors, I founded the company in 2011. Since then I have shown in intensive individual coaching what is important when trading and how you can gain an advantage as a trader. Occasionally I also train in seminar-like group workshops.

  • Author activity

As editor-in-chief of the stock exchange service “Zertifikate Global”, I regularly write professional articles for renowned magazines and websites such as TRADERs, OnVista,, Finanzen100, Inside Futures, TradingTreff and others.

Why AgenaTrader?

In the process of becoming a professional full-time trader, I have used many different trading platforms. There was always something missing. Either the order process was too complicated and time-consuming, the possibilities for programming your own trading setups were insufficient or non-existent, indicators were missing and could not be programmed in, the platforms were not multi-broker capable or similar.

In the end, I had to resort to several different platforms and also used some news pages, and various other sources for important things like Seasonality and Commitment of Traders data, etc.

Until I ran into AgenaTrader. Suddenly I had a “weapon” for the financial markets that was multi-functional. From risk management and position sizing to multi-brokerage, the ability to connect many different data providers, economic calendars and the like, everything is clearly bundled in one platform.

AgenaTrader is responsible for ensuring that I can finally work in a time-optimized, structured and effective manner. And because I’m so enthusiastic about this platform, I’ve even created my own Premium AddOns (COT-Master class, Top Trader Signals) for my clients for the first time, in which my personal trading signals are displayed. There is no better way to support a trader. In combination with, the ecosystem and “Facebook” of AgenaTrader, traders can be optimally trained and supported.

My conclusion is clear: I know of no better trading platform than AgenaTrader.