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AgenaTrader Testimonial – Nickels Christoph, Retail Trader


In order to be a protagonist in the “game of games”, as Jesse Livermore once described it, first off, what is required is mental equilibrium, a stress-free environment, making it possible to achieve continuing success. Furthermore, the trader or investor also needs equally stable and increasing knowledge that is enriched by the synergy of experience and quality information.

After a long dry spell in the technical (further) development of trading systems, I was working my way through one piece of software after the next according to my specifications – but with all of them, I had to make do with certain limitations.

Skepticism towards other trading platforms is also normal for a trader or investor, since changes not only challenge one’s willingness to learn all over again, but also affect routines that have become part of one’s everyday life. Yet I never detected any of this skepticism in myself. My first contact with AgenaTrader was so professional and so solid – my needs and the resulting demands were understood – such that I barely had to think twice about whether to take this step in the direction of technological and personal advancement.

Since using the trading software AgenaTrader, I have been able to not only organize my daily routines in a more time-saving manner, but also to refine them and additionally to merge everything into one automated process. This greatly simplifies the main task of technical analysis as well as the identification of trading signals for me.

I can carry out my preparations for the trading day without any time-related or mental pressure, since I already know the evening before which instruments offer me the best chances for the current day.

Thanks to the continuous development carried out by the professional team at AgenaTrader, your and my demands are considered and implemented progressively – be it in the form of AddOns or Patches, but there is one thing that cannot be seen here: AgenaTrader does not come to a standstill or rest on its laurels, which is exactly what provides the foundation for successful traders day after day.

All the best in reaching your goals,

Christoph R. Nickels

Nickels Christoph, Retail Trader

“My first contact with AgenaTrader was so professional and so solid […].”