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Rüdiger Born – Asset Manager

Decades of trading know-how
Business graduate Rüdiger Born is a managing director of BORN Traders, and co-founder as well as head of trading of BORN STAHLBERG & PARTNER, his fund-managing enterprise in Switzerland. Since the beginning of the 90s, he has been an active and successful trader on the international stock exchanges.

Preferred trading instruments
Trading shares is part of his everyday trading, as is trading currencies and derivatives such as futures and options. However, in addition to the classical forms of investment, he now also focuses on trading with CFDs.

Complex material made exciting
Apart from being a trader, Rüdiger Born is also an advisor for various stock exchanges, banks, and financial service companies. Furthermore, he actively engages in seminars and personal training for private traders.

Rüdiger Born can be seen regularly on television and the internet as a trading and market expert. Financial press releases complete the picture of his comprehensive field of activity.

Why AgenaTrader?
I personally, as well as my traders, have already been using AgenaTrader for a long time and I could not do without it anymore.

From a professional point of view, the AgenaTrader is characterized by its opportunities to operate efficiently. There are many ways to work through the markets extremely quickly in order to detect your preferred trading situations or setups. On the one hand, this saves you time, and on the other, it enables you to select the best signals from a variety of possibilities, which has a positive effect on performance and obviously also on your attitude to trading.

But it is also the user-friendliness of this software compared to other trading platforms that has me convinced. For example, many individual operations can be automated or simplified by means of the shortcuts or self-created buttons. This makes it simply great fun to work with AgenaTrader. But be careful: you might get addicted!