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AgenaTrader Testimonial – Saul Shaoul, CME PIT Trader

Saul Shaoul is Trading Floor Member at the Prestige’s CME Group – Futures Trading Exchange in United States of America. Saul is an Active Futures Trader, Trading Educator and Private Trader Mentor. Saul Mentors and Educates New and Experienced Traders in the Art of Scalping the SP 500 Emini Index Futures – Live Online Daily from the his CME Group Trading Booth over looking the Trading Pits in Chicago ( http://PitIQ.TV ) complete with Live Audio and Charts via Go-to-Webinar.
He is an active Speaker, Educator, Mentor and Webinar host for many firms and exchanges.

Why AgenaTrader?
As a professional trader of 25+ years AgenaTrader software provides me with spot on trading tools and the flexibility of integrating with my price action trading techniques and proprietary intraday scalping methodologies. It is not easy to find good trading software and brokers. I highly recommend AgenaTrader to new and experienced trader’s worldwide.

From a professional point of view, the AgenaTrader software is characterized by its opportunities to operate efficiently. There are many ways to work through the markets extremely quickly in order to detect your preferred trading situations or setups. On the one hand, this saves you time, and on the other, it enables you to select the best signals from a variety of possibilities, which has a positive effect on performance and obviously also on your attitude to trading.

But it is also the user-friendliness of this software compared to other trading platforms that has me convinced. For example, many individual operations can be automated or simplified by means of the shortcuts or self-created buttons. This makes it simply great fun to work with AgenaTrader. But be careful: you might get addicted!