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AgenaTrader Testimonial – Thomas Faeth, Retail Trader

There are dozens of trading platforms that are pretty to look at, easy to operate and that let you adapt the colors of all the modules very easily; you might think that the main focus was on the design and ease of learning. At first, AgenaTrader is a little more plain to look at; a couple of different designs and that’s it, and what’s more, you notice even as you first set it up: “Gosh, this thing is complex and complicated.”

As we all know, the widespread opinion is that the simpler the better. Simpler how, where and when?

The marketing strategists know very well: anyone who doesn’t make a good trade without help in the first few minutes quickly loses interest.

Recently, on TV, I saw an amateur hobbyist repair a VW Golf gearbox with only a hammer and a screwdriver. Amazing! But who of us would actually take a ride in a car like that? For modern and complicated technology, you need fitting tools – I think we can all agree on that.

Speaking of technology: in most platforms we can find the most fantastic indicators and oscillators; from clouds to moon phase trading, almost everything is there. But what about when it comes to probabilities?

Is a probability of ~ 50% really certain?

This is why the teacher whom I personally favor, Markus Gabel, teaches pure market technique according to Michael Voigt in his regular webinars, and these are all about how probable it is that the major capital will move in a certain direction, and you can see how high this was at the end of the year in his positively developed account – it’s that simple.

To do so, you don’t even have to search through all the preferred values for probabilities, no, the specialists, like Markus Gabel, make a so-called add-on available that carefully combs the entire market for opportunities and then displays these. AgenaTrader is not concerned with marketing, but instead with delivering good tools.

And all of a sudden, trading actually does become very simple.

It is just like with our hobbyist: while he needs two days with the hammer and screwdriver, a master craftsman can carry out the whole thing in four hours with the right tools.

Of course an add-on costs a bit, since a lot of work and experience has gone into it, but when you stop and think about your losses made in trading and calculate these, you will quickly realize that this tool, despite somewhat of a cost, is a real gift, especially when it comes to saving time.

But what is it that makes AgenaTrader so complex? Well, on the one hand it’s like this: just have a go yourself at trading with broker Y using the platform of company X. You’ll see that this is different with AgenaTrader, it works with many well-known brokers and everything is just a question of the right setting.

On the other hand, there are the special features, one of which – my favorite – I must mention here: the soft stop. Everybody is familiar with this situation: the trade begins, suddenly a peak knocks my stop out and the trade ends with a loss, just before the value goes right in the direction you were anticipating. Just great. It’s enough to make you pull your hair out.

With AgenaTrader, this miserable scenario is finally a thing of the past.

Good tools are simply worth it; you might have to learn a little about operating them in the beginning, but as a consequence this relieves you of a great deal of effort, and your work suddenly becomes very easy and relaxed.

If you too want to finally relax while you trade, no longer incessantly searching for opportunities in a frenzy but instead using decent, modern tools to save a ton of time, then you should definitely pay a visit to

Thomas Faeth

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“[..]finally relax while you trade[..]”